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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DIY- Dip Dyed denim and summer knits

"Well, that makes sense to me, it makes sense to me I must confess..."

I love the trend this summer of taking old shorts and thin knits and dip dying them yourself! You can find either of these at your local thrift store. You can get the dye at your local craft store OR get creative and find natural dyes to use. Any way you do it, this is a cheap, easy and oh so trendy thing to do. No two things will be the same and it's something fun to do alone or with your girlfriends. I personally plan to ask my lady friends to come over one night for a dip dying party. I love the term DIY and this is a great one!

sources: outsapoptrashion, fashion canvas, lenni vintage

It's been a while since I've posted on my blog. It's been a pretty busy summer. I just moved in to a new place over the weekend. And... I love it!! I can't wait to get busy on new projects and get back to posting here regularly. My blog is a place for me to come and write anything, share and save ideas, post photos, etc... As I type now, I'm feeling really good about the changes being made in my life. It's giving me new inspiration for my blog!

So, please come back by soon. Thanks for reading friends!