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Thursday, July 22, 2010

chest fever

"She was just there but then she can't be here no more..."
I'm wearing three bday gifts today... my Ray Ban round wayfarers from Hap and Candy, emerald ring from Ian and new ZARA dress, which Myles bought for me in Chicago. Paired these w/ a vintage belt and some Chinese Laundry wedges
It is freakin' hot in Alabama man... Like almost too hot to go outside and take pictures. You sweat from the moment you walk out.. But, I toughed it out. I'm used to it but it doesn't always make for the best pictures.
Looking to have a very chill weekend. For the past month I've been going, going, going every weekend. Now it's time to CHILL OUT! I plan to rest a lot, watch some movies, probably go swimming in the lake (it's there and tempting all the time) and hang w/ good peeps. I've got a few friends in town from different places that I need to see and hang w/ at some point. so, that'll happen. Maybe we'll get some interesting pics out of it. We'll see.....

Anyways, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I love that mine starts on Thursdays!
Thanks for reading!!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekend in the Windy City w/ WSP

So.... my trip to Chicago was so freakin' awesome!!! I LOVE that city and I didn't even get to explore that much. We stayed at the Westin 3 blocks from the Chicago Theater which is where Panic played. So, besides our trip to "Wrigleyville" for the Cubs game, we didn't venture away from our little area. But, WE HAD A BALL!!!! Here is a lil' recap of the trip....

The marque at the Chicago Theater.. I took several pictures obviously...
This was the first day that we got in Chi town. We stopped right outside of Louisville and grabbed a hotel the first night then made the rest of the journey on Thursday. I wore my seersucker Anthropologie dress that night.
With the fellas during set break. Scooter to the left, Myles to the right.
Below, the sign outside of Wrigley stadium which is in a really cool part of town. I loved it!
Scooter got a lot of hell for wearing that Braves jersey but it didn't phase him ONE BIT! He ate it up actually and wore it w/ a smile :)
Myles and I before the sweat started pouring.. At the game was the only time it felt like the south. So many people from there were complaining about the "heat wave" which I'm sure it was for them. But, it was amazing for us. Low 90's and a breeze?? Perfect!
Myles was SUPER excited about the Cubs winning the game at the last minute.
Our little crew.. Scooter had some friends come from Colorado and Minnesota.. After two days with them, they were my friends too. Such sweet people! Ethan (on the left) didn't quite make it in time to be in the pic.. He's awesome too :)
I was being silly with the camera and took a REALLY close up shot. I think it's kinda cool though actually :)
Our friends, Chet and Kim, came in from Champaign, IL for the Saturday night show. I was SO EXCITED to have them come. I haven't seen them since New Years and they are very dear to me. They were living in the mountains of Colorado. So, at least now I can get to them a little easier when we wanna see them.
After three crazy days of Widespread Panic Partying and one Cubs game it was time to head home. I was sad to leave the Windy City. I manned the passenger seat for our journey back while each boy took a turn napping.. Weak Sauce! I had to take a picture of my necessities:
ipod, gum, burt's bees chapstick, GPS, phone and sunnies :)
This last picture was just too cute not to take. Scoot was out like a light for like 4 hours. We stopped for breakfast right before he fell asleep. He woke up when we were stopping again and was like... We just stopped, why are you doing it again?? We'll never get home! We then informed him he'd been out for hours and he was all smiles :)
It was an incredible time w/ some incredible people!!! Thank you to Scoot and Myles for looking out for me the whole time and keeping me safe. Thanks for all of our other new and old friends for making it so fun. Any time w/ Panic is ALWAYS fun but it's better w/ friends. I can't wait to visit the Windy City again. Chicago is GREAT!!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

birthday flashback

So, I told you all very briefly yesterday that it was my birthday. It was an excellent birthday and here is a little recap.

I did have to work yesterday. So, my dear friend, Ian, came to town and took me out to lunch. I've known him for 8 years now. He was one of the first people I met in college and he is AWESOME!!!
Clearly, we have and had a lot of fun together. ;) I took him to Golden Temple and he bought me a delicious lunch of veggie Mexican pizza and black cherry soda. He also surprised me w/ the beautiful handmade emerald ring pictured below. I'm one lucky lady to have really cool and loving friends like him!

Last night, my parents took me out for a birthday dinner as they always do. Usually I go for sushi since they are paying and don't really like it. I can only get mom in a sushi place on my birthday. Dad eats it every now and then. But, I opted for the Village Tavern last night instead. It had lots of choices for everyone.

Here is the birthday dinner crew. My sweet friend, Elise, joined us. I was so excited to have her. She got me some really fun MAC eye shadow for my bday along w/ an "Ain't Life Grand" card! Hap and Candy got me some awesome Ray Ban's that I'm wearing in the pictures above w/ Ian. They are the round wayfarers. Jere got me a bouquet of BEAUTIFUL sunflowers, which are my favorite flower!!

Cheesin' w/ my sweet Elise and precious Jere! I love you guys!
I had to get at least one outfit pic into the mix. You've all seen this skirt before. But, I wanted something bright on bottom and I wanted to wear my espadrilles. Elise is wearing an Anthro dress I do believe.

Jere and I were being silly after dinner. We put on a little Michael Jackson impersonation/dance show outside the restaurant. It was quite fun and we had mom, dad and Elise rolling. Elise was able to capture a few silly moments.

This would be one of those silly moments!

Family Picture!!
I have such an amazing family! They are always there to support and love me. They always give the BEST cards too. Dad's had me crying as I read it. I'm such a lucky girl.. seriously! They all love me so much! The three of them sat in sunglass hut for 2 hours last week sending me emails of mom trying on shades for me. They made two different trips and finally found the perfect pair for me. That is dedication.
Tomorrow night I am off to Chicago for 3 nights of Panic and a Cubs game. I am so excited to continue the birthday celebration.
Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special yesterday! I couldn't ask for better friends and family! CHEERS!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

b-b-b-bday blitz!

They say it's your birthday na na na na na..... :)
I've had an excellent birthday so far!!!! There are amazing people in my life who love to shower me with love! Thanks to you guys for that. I'm a lucky gal!
I hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

VACATION.... off to Amber's Wedding!

"I didn't see you were right next to me but I'm so glad you could make it. With you by my side I might get back alive from my next VACATION!!!!"
Amber's wedding weekend is finally here!!! I'm about to have two weeks of madness and I LOVE IT!!! Wedding this weekend, my bday on Monday (July 12.. what? what?!!) then off to Chicago to see some PANIC!!!! Again.... what what!!!???!!!
I took these pics last week one day and never got around to posting them. I like this outfit b/c it is very simple and very comfortable!!! Perfect for a hot summer day. My hair was being kinda funky that day too... I like it!
Peace out Peeps! :)
I'm leaving in a few hours to drive to Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Yep... Going to hang w/ Amber and watch my girl GET MARRIED!!!! I've been talking about it and looking forward to it for months! And IT IS HERE! She and her fiance have been at the house since Saturday. The rest of the wedding party, friends and family have been trickling in throughout the week. Tonight, everyone should be there and we are going to throw down! I can't wait!!!!!! I did take pictures at the party I threw for her on Friday. But, I decided to just do one big wedding post next week. So, you all will get Amber and Chris overload then. ;)
I just wanted to post a little something before I head out. I doubt I will have the time to post again over the week or weekend. Anyways... I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Celebration of the 4th!!! I sure did. We had the party on Friday which was really fun. The other host, Emily, and I took a dip in the pool before the guests arrived. Then we caught up w/ some girls I haven't seen since we graduated high school.. Some I have seen too! For the 4th, I spent the day by the lake w/ good food, great friends and beautiful fireworks!!!
What did you do?
Anyway, I've got a lot more to do before I leave today. So, I better get to it. I hope everyone has a lovely, fun and peaceful week!!! Thank you SO much for reading. I have some awesome readers and friends!