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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

she's so crafty

So.. I love to decoupage. I do it a lot.. mostly picture frames and boxes.. Whenever I buy jewelry for friends I like to give it to them in a box I've decorated for them.. It's a unique way to express your style and store things. I posted three different frames that I have done lately. They are all different and I love them. I originally made the floral one to give to the girl in the picture w/ me but I loved it and kept it. We were like 18 or 19 in that photo. We were at Bonnaroo on the last night watching "The Dead." I took a close up shot of the actual picture and posted it. Both of our outfits were handmade. We both still have them too. Hers was a dress w/ an open back; Mine was a huge skirt and an apron style shirt that tied in the back. Maybe one day she and I will put them on and model them for the blog. They are both AMAZING!!!
Anyway, I also posted a Widespread Panic dvd cover. I'm going to see them tomorrow night and New Years Eve. I'll be sure to take some great pictures in my trusty, flashy new years dress.. I've added a little spunk to the get up this year.
HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! See you in 2010
xoxo, Stevi

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Until my expiration day"

Vic Chesnutt 11/12/1964-12/25/2009
Today I write about a great singer/songwriter that has moved on from our world. Vic Chesnutt left this crazy world for the next big adventure on December 25th 2009. Many of you may not have a clue who this man is and if you do know of him I'd think you liked him. I liked him.. He spoke his mind, went through hard times and made great music for us all to dance to and share. His songs were used by so many from Madonna to Indigo Girls to REM to Widespread Panic. I knew him through the last band Widespread Panic. He wrote many songs that this band plays today. Two of my favorite songs to hear were written by Vic.. those are "Aunt Avis" and "Expiration Day." They ring true and have sweet but dark southern soul (in my opinion). He was also in the movie Sling Blade with Billy Bob Thornton. He was the guy in the wheelchair. Vic was in a car wreck when he was 19 yrs old that left him parplegic. After that he really got into songwriting. Many proceeds from albums he sold go/went to an organization that helps musicians w/ medical needs. The organization is the SWEET RELIEF FUND and you can check it out here Anyway, I've been touched by the life and death of Vic Chesnutt.. many of his songs got me through my days. He will be missed by all he reached in his life I'm sure. I leave this post w/ an excerpt from one of Vic's songs.

"Help me mama, for I have grinned

Save me daddy from where I'm goin'

Call out to me from the ages beyond

Help me remember how to be good

How to continue when I feel I really shouldn't..." Aunt Avis, Vic Chesnutt

RIP Vic!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Twas the night before Christmas...

Twas the night before Christmas...
Every year for the past seven years my family has had a very special Christmas Eve tradition. My grandmother lived at our house during the Christmas season for the last several years of her life. On Christmas Eve one of those years we started our little tradition.... leaving her at home w/ the animals to watch Christmas movies until we returned... My family (Hap, Candy, Jere and myself) have always gone to have communion at the church we grew up in. It's a very short and intimate service w/ breaking of bread and drinking of wine (grape juice actually). My family is made up of the four people on the right side of the picture above. So, seven years back we started going to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory w/ my mom's best friend, Nanda and her two youngest daughters. It has been the most wonderful tradition. We all go up and eat good food and desert... drink good wine.. and talk about how much we love each other and the Christmas season. It has become one of my favorite things to do. We all look forward to it every year. This year was even better... Stacy and Rebecca (two girls middle, left) got married over the past year or so. Rebecca's (dark brown hair) husband, Dallas, has been Iraq and was unable to join us last year. However, both guys were able to join their lovely wives and our families this year. It was GREAT!!! We got home a little while ago.. Jere and I are moving on to the next tradition.. laying up in our pajamas and watching Home Alone! Another tradition we just can't let go of just yet. We are 23 and 25 years old and we still sleep in the same bed, watching the same movie every year. I love it! Well, I'm off to watch my movie and get some sleep.. I hear Santa Clause is coming to town! :)
I hope any and everyone who reads this has a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS and remember to "Repeat the Sounding Joy!!"

Repeat the Sounding Joy

Me* lucky brand jeans; oxford shirt- Polo Ralph Lauren; sweater- Banana Republic; boots- Anthropologie; necklace and ring- vintage
Jere* tshirt-UO; belt- Express; Sweater- Calvin Klein; jeans- LEVI; shoes- Steve Madden

So, today is the last day of work for my brother, Jere, and I until after the Christmas holiday. Jere will actually be off through the new year. He is going to the mountains on Sunday for a little R&R. Yes, my brother and I work together and it is AWESOME!! It makes my day so much better that I can, at any point, go to my brother w/ whatever random thought that pops into my head. Anyway, I am off for New Years too to see some great music.. but, I'll tell more about that later. We were able to wear jeans to work today.. usually we have to dress up more. So, we took some pictures of baby bro and myself by our office Christmas tree. I'm so ready to be off today. My family always goes to Cheesecake Factory on Christmas Eve w/ my mom's best friend and her daughters (and husbands now). It has become a wonderful tradition. :) again... Fashion, food and FELLOWSHIP! Well, that is all for now.. I'll be back w/ more fun pictures from Christmas Eve later. Hope everyone is having a merry day.. Repeat the Sounding Joy!!! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Make It Merry

tights- Express; pumps- Steve Madden; shorts- forever21; shirt- Gap; Cardigan- Scrapbook Originals; necklace- handmade from
pants- BDG; blazer- TJMaxx; boot- Steve Madden; shirt & necklace- vintage

skirt & scarf & shades- urban outfitters; shirt-from boutique back home; tights-express; boots- Steve Madden; necklace- vintage

tee & over knee socks- TJMaxx; tights- Nicole Miller; jumper- Lark & Wolff for UO; sweater- Banana Republic; shades- UO; boots- FRYE; necklace- lunarearth (check him out, his website is listed above.. This guy makes all of his jewelry by hand.. it's simply incredible!)

Jeans & long tee & shades- Urban Outfitters; trapeze shirt- Old Navy; blazer- TJMaxx; purple boots- Kenneth Cole Reaction; scarf- Anthropologie; necklace & ring- vintage

The holidays have come upon me so fast this year. I'm always busy this time of year but, this year has been insane. I started this blog last week w/ such excitement. I've only put up one post though!! WTF! So, here is post #2. I've been working a lot lately and had gatherings for both sides of my family Christmas this past weekend. I absolutely love fellowship.. fellowship, fashion and food I tell you. I only see some of my family every now and then. My cousin closest to me in age lives 6 hours away from me. She is precious! I've posted several pictures from the past week of outfits I've worn for Christmas gatherings and work. I'll be posting fun pictures of friends and family soon. Happy Holidays everyone!!! Make them Merry!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Jazzy Belle

Know that The Jazzy Belle blog is for everyone. Stevi is The Jazzy Belle and she is the brains behind the operation and the main contributer. She is a lover not a fighter and has a passion for music, fashion, friends, travel, and contributing good vibes for humanity.