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Thursday, February 25, 2010


"I pulled in to Nashville, Tennessee... She wouldn't even come around to see me. But since you're headed up to Carolina, you know I'm gonna be right there behind ya.... I always had to steal my kisses from you..." Ben Harper lyric

I dressed pretty casually today.. Wearing- BDG skinnies; BR oxford button-up; UO tweed vest; Anthropologie cardigan and scarf; Frye oxfords; Fossil sunglasses
I'm headed out of town again tomorrow. This time for a bachelorette extravaganza for one of my best friends. Her name is Elise and I will have some pics to share when we get back. She is a beautiful girl! The wedding is next weekend. There are 8 girls going, staying for two night in Nashville, TN. One girl said she was ready to go "honky tonkin'" :) I say bring it on!!
Tomorrow morning before we go my good friend Tamra will be cutting and coloring my hair. I am in pretty desperate need at this point. It has been WAY TOO LONG since my last visit with this pretty lady. I'm pondering cutting bangs.. My hair grows freakishly fast anyway. We will be headed to Nashvegas together after our beauty fix.
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! It's not supposed to be that warm here but it is supposed to be SUNNY, which is good enough for me.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Music makes me lose control..."

So.. spring time is coming.. If you read my post yesterday you know that I'M READY!!! All I can do is think about sunshine, flowers, cool water and MUSIC.. Which, if you really read this blog, you know that I'm obsessed w/ music. I have a few bands I am VERY loyal to and will go almost anywhere to see. Another reason I love spring so much is b/c it is the start of the summer tour and festival season. Bands go on tour and come together at HUGE festivals to give people like me three days of musical bliss!
I may look like a girly girl. But, this girl gets down. I camp, I hike, I go a few days w/o a bath.. all in the name of music. This year is going to be a VERY special year. So far I have several things on my plate. Wannee Festival in Florida, The Hangout festival in Orange Beach, AL and Jazz Fest in New Orleans are three major music events I'm really looking forward to. Then we have things like Widespread Panic playing The Wharf in Orange Beach, which I've vowed to NEVER miss again.. I almost did last year and my great friend Scott came to the rescue! Thanks buddy! I may hit you up again ;)
Spring time is great for so many reasons! For me, the music is my favorite thing. My life gets a little crazy.. that's for sure! But I wouldn't have it any other way! I've made some incredible memories and experienced things that I'll cherish forever!
Thanks for listening to my rant on great music!! What bands will you see this spring? What festivals will you attend? There is always something great going on in the South.. I'm sure it's the same in most places. Check out your local music scene.. support the art of music! It is an art that will set your spirit free!!

Feeling a little "Rockstar" myself today in all this black.. hehe! That sunshine was a bit deceiving.. It was COLD! We got the shots though. :)
wearing: BDG skinny jeans; tee and cardigan from That's Hot boutique; shoes from Charlotte Russe; necklace and ring vintage; sunglasses are Fossil;
Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!! I'll be watching more Olympics!
Thanks for reading!
Stevi :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

bring me a little spring time please

The warm weather of Orlando has spoiled me. I don't want to wear winter clothes ANYMORE!! I'm over it! But, I have to. Especially this next weekend, I'm going to Nashville. It will be pretty chilly there. :( I'm sick of the cold.. My dresses and shorts felt so nice in Florida!

I added a splash of bright color to my all black ensemble today. I love this skirt. I borrowed it from a friend, Kristie Jo (you can see great pics of her on Fashion Super Heroes), and have yet to give it back! Yikes! It will return to her one of these days. I needed it today to get my spring fix! Thanks KJ!

wearing: Target tissue tee; Express tights; Steve Madden booties; Charlotte Russe via Kristie's closet skirt; Merle Norman lipstick- I felt like going bright today!

The beautiful April was looking a little spring like today also.. We both made sure to cover the rest of our bodies in black.. But, that little splash of floral and light color says "bring me a little spring time please" Don't you think? :)

Have a great evening everyone!!! Thanks!
Stevi :)

JB & Friends at House of Blues

"Lets get the show on the road babe.. Let the curtain take a bow.." Widespread Panic
Outside of House of Blues w/ Myles, Suzanna, and Scooter. The dinner and silent auction started at 4:30 that afternoon.
JB and Jimmy playing together... What an acoustic treat!?!!

JB playing Jimi Hendrix "Little Wing" just like I wanted!! w/ Susan Tedeschi.. It almost brought me to tears! It definitely made my night!

JB playing with Dereck Trucks, the husband of the beautiful Susan Tedeschi

Dereck and Susan playing w/their band, Jimmy Herring and Colonel Bruce Hampton

Another picture of everyone jamming out.. wish JB had been on stage then.. he came back out later though! :)
It was such an amazing weekend.. I think it gets better every year. The set started out w/ JB doing a solo acoustic set.. opened it w/ "Lets get the show on the road" into "Gradle" into "Mercy." It was absolutely Beautiful!!!
These guys jammed all night long. Susan is one bad mama jama on that guitar! She was getting down just as much if not more than the guys up there. I was cheering my heart out.
I will never miss this weekend of fun, fellowship, and charity again if I can help it. This is my third year. Its so nice to see familiar faces each time. There are amazing people all around, who love music and love a good cause. You can't ask for much more. The weather was awesome too! I put several links in my last post about the weekend. Links for Widespead Panic and Hannah's Buddies Organization are both listed.
Please check them out if you are at all interested. This amazing event happens every February.
Thanks for reading and sharing the excitement with me!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My tights are not tight

I love wearing cotton and spandex. So comfortable. You will rarely find me in jeans, maybe some JEGGINGS.

I love my new Aldo leather boots!
Urban Outfitters skirt, Scarf from Forever 21

headed to hang w/ JB and Friends

"I hold a flower that doesn't know she's beautiful. She wakes every morning thinking all the other things are beautiful. Well, she's free.. Oh, companion to the wind."
Widespread Panic lyric

Took a few quick outfit pics today.. I'm wearing a new blouse from Steinmart; BDG skinnies; Express cardi; Frye oxfords; vintage necklace and vintage Dooney & Burke bag :)

I want to take the chance to talk about what I'll be doing this weekend for a moment. I will be attending Hanna's Buddies in sunny Orlando Florida. It is a charity event put on by John Bell (JB) of Widespread Panic (WP) with some other friends. Hannah is the goddaughter of JB and she has spinal muscular atrophy. She and JB have done an amazing job of creating this wonderful organization. Please check it out if you have a moment.

Anyway, the weekend consists of several things. Friday a golf tournament is held at Grand Cypress golf resort followed by a night of fellowship and music. On Saturday, there is even more fun to be had. The events take place at the House of Blues that night. There is a silent auction, which alway boasts amazing items like jewelry, guitars and albums signed by the band, exotic trips, signed footballs and more. They have a huge buffet for all of those who have chosen to spend the weekend w/ Hannah's Buddies too. After all this excitement is the CONCERT! The public is welcome to buy tickets and share the fun with the rest of us that have attended the whole event. Hannah is there having a great time along w/ JB, his friends and family. He usually brings out fun surprise guests.

This year the special guests are no surprise. Though I think he'll still have something up his sleeve. JB has asked Jimmy Herring, lead guitarist for WP, Derrick Trucks and Susan Tedeschi to all join him!!! WOW!!! It's going to be so special. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that JB and Susan bust out a little Jimi Hendrix "Little Wing." That would be so special!

I leave tomorrow. So, this may be my last blog post for the week. I am pledging to take lots of great pictures to share. I've been thinking up outfits all week. It's supposed to be a sunny 70 degrees the whole weekend! I hope the weatherman is right!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!! Check out the link for Hannah's Buddies seriously! If you love golf and music this might be just the feel good weekend you need :)


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras Mambo

Today is FAT TUESDAY of MARDI GRAS!!! There is always a HUGE I mean HUUGGEEE celebration down in New Orleans and in Mobile Alabam.. I've been to the celebration in Mobile.. It was so fun! But, never braved the seas of people, endless alcohol and parties till sunrise in New Orleans.. Sounds fun though huh? I'll do it one day. I go to Jazz Fest in Nola, which is always a similar good time. So much good jazz music, amazing culture and again... alcohol! You can't talk about "The Big Easy" without that aspect. It's just part of the culture there :)
We had a mardi gras party at work today to celebrate Fat Tuesday! We always do.. My baby bro was crowned "King of Mardi Gras." I didn't get a picture of him though :( He wore a crown and threw beads to everyone. We had king cake (traditional to Mardi Gras), jambalaya, and red beans-n-rice too. It's been a very fun day!
I was kind of a slacker this year dressing up though.. well, not kind of. I WAS a slacker. Last year I wore fun peacock tights and bright colors. This year the beads had to be my flair.. My concentration was on food this morning.. Not clothes.
If you've never heard of or celebrated Mardi Gras before, do a little research. You don't have to be from the south to celebrate. No matter where I am through life I'll always celebrate Fat Tuesday, appreciate Mardi Gras and LOVE New Orleans!

thrifted button-up shirt; H&M bandage skirt; Express tights; Steve Madden booties; Mystree cardigan; Fossil sunglasses; DIY necklace; necklace; vintage ring
I leave you with a song lyric at the end tonight...
"Down in New Orleans where the blues was born, It takes a cool cat to blow that horn...
... Mardi Gras mambo, mambo, mambo..." - The Meters

Sweet Chubby Cat

"Well they love like angels from up above, and three cool cats really fell in love.." The Beatles

trousers- Anthropologie; blouse- gift; necklace- vintage; shoes- Charlotte Russe

Chubs.. The sweetest cat in the world made the blog today! He's seriously the most snuggly cat you will ever meet. Loves to be loved!
At my parent's house in these shots.. Mom and I watched the Olympics together last night. I love the figure skating!! I wanted to be an ice skater as a kid.. That dream faded I guess. I was an excellent roller skater though! Even had a club w/ my friends called the "Neon Roses." Oh yea! We were all different flowers.. I was Daisy :) Most of us danced too.. The usual.. ballet, tap, jazz. I loved it.. Still do!
It's been uber cold in Alabama this week! It snowed 3 inches on Friday.. When I walked out of the office last night, It was snowing again! YAY! I wore these pants yesterday b/c they are so warm... made of wool. My mom got them for me last Christmas.
Well, I hope everyone's week has started off nicely! It's a short work week for me. Headed out to Orlando on Thursday... I'll be attending a charity golf tournament/concert this weekend. I'll tell more of that later though. :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Library full of Books

Studying at the University of Samford Library with Molly was fun. She is studying to take her NCIDQ or something like that for Interior Design and I was reading The Lucifer Principle: A Scientific Expedition Into The Forces Of History, by Howard Bloom. It is okay. He might be right about what he says regarding the Iranian Revolution but I was raised on different facts from my family who actually lived through it. So anyway, after five hours of reading I had Molly take pictures of my fabulous comfy outfit.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fashion and Friends

Everytime I wear this shirt I think of Michael Jackson.. Random.. I know! But, I think of the song "Black or White." Then I think about my cousin, Amanda, and how we used to dance to that song like crazy... all MJ really but that one in particular circa 1995. Love this outfit. The pants are so comfy.. My peace sign ring is pretty awesome too. It's pretty gaudi but I love it.. It jingles.. My mom got it for me for Christmas :) I decided to post some pics of friends at work today too. Please check them out. They are all wonderful people with so much personal style.

Express shirt; UO trousers; Charlotte Russe pumps; UO sunglasses; 2 Vintage rings; Grateful Dead "ripple" ring; lightning bolt earrings but you can't see them

Here are my sweet friends and co-workers (and brother). I work with some really stylish people! It's fun to come in and see what people are wearing each day. I took a few photos and will briefly tell about them and their style :)

Here is Joel.. He's EXTREMELY laid-back.. usually in slacks, button-up or oxford and a jacket or fleece. NEVER wears socks.. but, does it so well. Always smiling and looking like he may go on a hike at any moment. He's also the guy behind the camera for most of my pics.. I appreciate him. Thanks buddy!! :)
Jere- you've met him before- baby bro! Always looking so urban and classic.. Loves tailored looks.. You usually find him in a cool tee w/ a cardigan, jeans, and some kind of boat style tennis shoe.. he has the kind he's wearing in like every single color.. That isn't his desk but he got those shoes today. So, I wanted to take a pic! Always stylish! Like sister, like brother I guess :)

Sweet Amy... She was laughing and didn't look at the camera.. but, that's okay.. I LOVE to see Amy everyday.. She's such a bohemian little mama.. Layers well, fun shoes, unique jewelry and the best damn coats EVER! These boots are pretty killer today! I told her she looks like she's going to a Fleetwood Mac show :) I'd go with...

and Miss April... you've met her before.... Always classy and chic.. Tailored pants and blazers w/ metallic or silk blouses.. Loves pretty shoes and always has a stained red lip.. Might be my favorite thing about her style. She shops as much as I do so it's fun to talk about each day/week.. psshhh... DAY!

Hope you enjoyed my stylish friends and ME today.. I enjoyed photographing them although my picture taking isn't that great. I got a new NIKON D3000 and I'm determined to learn to use it really soon... My cybershot is just too easy for me :) Yep.. I'm a slacker!

I hope everyone finishes out their week very well!!! We are supposed to get snow tomorrow. Hopefully, I can get some pretty pictures to post later.. They are saying 3 to 5 inches! YAY!!



We've lost yet another creative being in this crazy world.. I hate that he left us but at least he left his mark.
R.I.P. Lee Alexander McQueen