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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

coconuts and apples to apples

"I like coconuts, you can break them open and they smell like ladies lying in the sun..."
Widespread Panic :)

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone has had a peaceful, easy day. Mine has been pretty peaceful, I guess. I am worried about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It is said that the oil will be to the shore w/in the next few days. I hope that doesn't happen. It's already a big disaster. That's enough about that though. Just needed people to be aware.
I am actually going to the Gulf of Mexico this weekend. As I said on Monday, I have a friend who will be married in Fairhope, AL this weekend. I'm going down tomorrow night to spend the night w/ the groom's sister, Jay. I'm so excited. It will be a night full of beer, good food and playing the game Apples to Apples. We love that game!!! I still haven't picked out my dress for the wedding. I always wait until the last minute to pack.
Today I wore a dress that I love!!! I got it last year at a boutique in my hometown. I'm not sure what the brand is. The light material and studs are such a fun contradiction. Its delicate but a little rock-n-roll! I had to wear the studded out clogs with it. I also wore that cardi throughout the day when I was chilly. My dear friend Susan got it for me for Christmas. I wore it in a post a few months ago w/ a sweater dress. I think it will be a lot more fun to wear for summer though. Thanks sweet Suzy Q!!
Well, I hope everyone finishes out the week w/ peace and ease and love. I may not blog again before I get back from the beach. I will hopefully have even more of a tan and some new clothes from the outlets! YAY!! Thank you to everyone who reads my words!

Monday, April 26, 2010

ain't life grand

"Ain't Life Grand" ~WP

Dress- Glam via SOCA boutique; Shoes- Herve Leger via BCBG store

Happy Monday Everyone!!! I hope everyone had a nice and safe weekend. We had a HUGE storm here in Bama! There was thunder, lightning, even hail! It was crazy! I kind of like to sleep in storms though. I hope that weather has passed. We needed a little rain.. Got it! Done!
It's nice to get to slow down at work. Hosting an event like Earth Day is difficult. There are a lot of people relying on you and you don't want to mess things up. It went so perfectly smooth though! If you haven't checked out the pictures from it below, please do!
Going to a wedding of a longtime friend this weekend. His name is Scott. I've been close to his family for as long as I can remember. His sister Jay and I are like twins in so many ways.. It's weird! I've already been scowering my closet for dress ideas and it's not until Saturday! Crazy I know! I have a full weekend of fun to be had.. I've got to be stylin'!! :)
Anyway, I hope everyone has a beautiful, peaceful and inspiration week!
Thank you so much to everyone who reads and supports me. Means so much!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Celebration!!

As I've told you guys before, I head up our office Green Team. Today was EARTH DAY as I hope all of you know! So, we had an Earth Day celebration at work. By the way, I work for an awesome company who supports what we are trying to do 100%! Makes it worth it to come to work and work hard. They do the same for us! Anyway, we had a cookout for the company w/ fun music and a pledge tree. You'll read more about it below. I hope everyone was able to celebrate Earth Day today! KEEP IT GREEN and TREAD LIGHTLY!!
Amy and I hanging out during the celebration.. We had blankets out for people to sit and eat picnic style (if they wanted).

Three of my fellow green team members: Jessica, Daniel and Amy

Jere and I in front of our pledge tree!

Brent Todd who was our trusty chef!!! He cooked the quesadillas for us :)

Some of my awesome co-workers enjoying tasty quesadillas and good company!!!

My two bosses!!!! Good thing they liked the food! :) They are really awesome bosses.. They let us do so many great/fun things! I mean, we had a cookout w/ loud rocking music in the middle of the parking lot.. We share our building w/ 4 other companies.. They didn't care! It was a good cause.. They had a blast w/ us! We fed some of the other people who wanted some BTW!

Here is the pledge tree we built entirely from recycled items! It is made of recycled cardboard and paper.. It was a fun aspect of the day... Your meal ticket was a pledge written on a leaf. It could be anything from recycling at home to conserving energy by turning off lights to cloth grocery bags, not throwing out litter anymore, buying secondhand, composting, planting nutrients... Anything anyone could think of that would treat our Earth w/ kindness!!!!
People got really creative and seemed to enjoy making a pledge! I have faith that everyone will really try to do what they pledge!

My really cool paper weight holding the leaves down so they didn't blow away in the wind!

DJ "climbing" the pledge tree

Our AWESOME, really HARD-WORKING GREEN TEAM!!!! I work with an amazing group to keep our office as eco-friendly and conscious as possible! They all bring great ideas to the table and work hard to get things done! We pulled off a wonderfully successful celebration today! I'm so proud of each of us!!
From Left to Right below: Jessica, me, Cliff, Amy, Rosalynn and Daniel
We are the GREEN TEAM!!!
I hope everyone out there celebrated Earth Day in one way or another!!! If you didn't, its not too late. Think of a pledge like we did. Use an example from my list! It's something easy to do, give back to OUR Earth! Living consciously is a great start! We only have this one planet to live on! I try to TREAD LIGHTLY!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Keep it green!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wanee Festival

"Some come to laugh their past away, some come to make it just one more day..."
Grateful Dead
Wanee Music Festival, April 16-17, 2010 @ Spirit of Suwanee Music Park
Streamers in the trees...

Waiting for the North Mississippi All Stars to come on at the Mushroom Stage

Adorable little girl who was dancing around all day long! Loved her!

Me waiting for The Funky Meters to come on...

The crowd at the small stage.. This was by far the coolest outdoor/festival stage I've ever seen. It was so enclosed w/ trees and stairs built into the ground. People were hanging their hammocks everywhere to watch the music!!! It was seriously AWESOME!!!

Joel, Myles and I with our buddy Scooter!! Great crew!

Had to take a picture of this thing.. One of our neighbors in the campground built this. The bottom is pretty much a full kitchen w/ a sink, counter space and a hot eye. A table and awning come out ad there is a bed up top. It all folds down together!! It was so interesting!

There were beautiful willow trees everywhere.. I loved it!

Our crew on the last day after we'd cleaned up our campsite.

In the car on the ride home...
It was such an amazing festival!!! The music was absolutely enchanting! The best line-up on a festival I've EVER seen! So many of my favorite musicians were there. And they came to play and play hard for us! It was magical.. The North Mississippi Allstars were the hardest working people at the whole thing. They must have collaberated w/ at least 10 people! I suggest that if you live anywhere near or near enough to Live Oak, FL you go to Spirit of Suwanee Music Park. You can go for a quick camping weekend or an actual festival of some sort. They have events all the time.. It's something you won't want to miss. The camping area was beautiful. Plenty of trees for shade and a river to swim in! I fell in love!
I hope you all enjoy my pictures. Don't forget tomorrow is EARTH DAY!!! Do something creative to give back to the Earth and show her that you love her!! Wear colors of our Earth!
Thanks for reading!! Much love!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sheri Baby won't you come out tonight...

I wanted to dedicate a post to my dear friend, Sheri. You've seen her pretty face on this blog many times. She is the brains behind all of the technical stuff. I'm not so savvy when it comes to code and making the blog look pretty. That is where she comes in... So, all this fun stuff on the sides and fun backgrounds are thanks to Sheri. She is amazing and so creative! She has a passion for art and music that is hard to come by. I learn something new from her every time we are together! We ALWAYS have fun together no matter what we are doing! She's playful, spunky and beautiful! Check out her fun blogs some time!! They are so great!!!

Blowing kisses to all her fans!

Being pretty out in California w/ me and AMBER!

Had to throw this one in.. We were in Atlant for New Years and she was screaming
"WIDESPREAD PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Being adorable!

Smooches between friends!
Tourpals forever!!!
I love that smile!

Thank you sweet Sheri for being such a wonderful friend to me!!! You make me smile every time I see you or hear your voice! You've been there for me since the day we met and I'm grateful all the time for you! I love you my tourpal!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not Fade Away

"I had a friend she once told me, you got love you ain't lonely..." ~Led Zeppelin
I had to do a post dedicated to the ladies in my life!!! I have some truly amazing girls that I call friends!!! Here are a few pictures of a few of my closest friends! I love all of you so much!! I'm so grateful for each of these memories!!! My favorite thing is that most are at concerts! My favorite place to be besides the great outdoors! You are all such BEAUTIFUL women! Thank you for your love!

With Sheri and Amber in Los Angeles after we stole a cab from some losers who weren't quick enough to catch these bandits!!! :)
Erica's Freedom Fest 2009... last night as a single lady! They are a perfect and sweet couple. I'm proud for my good friend! BTW, I made that Bride-To-Be sash out of a bed sheet!

Me and Bonnaroo 2007 a.k.a. Dust-a-roo that year! Sweet Ronnie gave me this dress... I got told I looked like Jenny from Forrest Gump about 100 times.. maybe thats an exaggeration but it was a lot! I guess I do...

Suzy Q and I at Langerado 2007 in all of my homemade clothes! I love this stuff and I never wear it anymore. I'll probably never get rid of it either! I love this pic!

This one and the one below are at Voodoo Festival in New Orleans... We got to see
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was EPIC!!! We went w/ Amber (see first pic), her fiance, Chris, and my cousin Destry!! We were on the front row and as soon as the music started got moved back about 10 rows. I've NEVER jammed so hard in my whole life. I jumped up and down for at least an hour! My cuz, Destry, had to literally pick me off of a guys back b/c when I jumped up we were so close together I got stuck! It was an AMAZING night!

Rage Against The Machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me w/ Suzy Q and Erica a.k.a. E Money at the Birmingham Blues Festival 2008.. Fun Day!

With Lizzy, Sheri and Abby celebrating Abby's last night in Tuscaloosa... my sweet Abigail lives in Australia now! I miss her so much! We've had some amazing times together at concerts. The ones that stand out most... String Cheese in Huntsville and Dave/Tim/ Trey at Bonaroo 2004
Man oh Manwitz!

Me striking a peace pose at our campsite at Bonnaroo one year.. Not sure which year.. I think 2007... I've been to the Roo 7 times... Uh!!! They shouldn't call it Bonnaroo anymore... It's just not the same! That's all I'll say... Sorry!

With two sweet ladies at Bonnaroo.. We were waiting on Ben Harper to come out and play I think.. This ladies trip was perfect! Susan put the fan in my face every morning so I would sleep a bit longer and Ronnie had coffee waiting when the sun drove us out of our tents!
One of my most favorite pictures EVER!!! You can tell that Susan and I have seen a whole lot of music together!! She's is an amazing partner in crime and she can jam like no other! We've got so many great memories...
This post makes me smile! I hope all who read it really enjoy it! I have some great women in my life for sure! Girls... spend time w/ your friends! Make great memories and document them.. Cherish them forever! If you live far away from each other, make time to make new memories! These girls mean the world to me!
I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!