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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Am I Urban enough for you?

Daytime: Hair pinned up worn with flats I purchased in Cali. They are Nanette Lepore for Keds. I have to wear flat closed toe shoes for cosmetology school so might as well be cute and comfortable. My bracelet was also a Cali purchase from Bloomingdales or Nordstroms, but anyway it is from Kate Spade's jewelry collection and I LOVE IT. The necklace is from a boutique in Birmingham called Soca and it was a birthday gift from my friend Molly. Ribbed black top is so silky and smooth from BR and tights are Miss Paris. The skirt and coverlette cardi are both from the upstairs sale section at Urban Outfitters. So fabulous!

And for the evening I took my hair down, put on some Nine West heels and red lipstick and I was ready to go!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Then I heard its not what you make but how much you spent.."

"Cause I'm cooler than a polar bears toe nails... Oh hell, there he go again talkin' that sh!t.." Outkast :)

BCBG dress; Miss Sixty jacket; The Limited tights; Steve Madden booties; vintage jewelry; no name wayfairers;

So... I'm a little addicted to fashion.. As if that isn't obvious. I don't know anyone that has a fashion blog who isn't obsessed. But, I consider myself a pretty thrifty shopper most of the time. I am very good at sniffing out good sales and finding perfect pieces at just the right price. Take the dress I'm wearing in these photos. It was priced at $240 at BCBG store. A few months later I found it and got it at TJMaxx for $20!!! Seriously $20! I forgot I even had it until today. I bought it and wore it to a dinner party we had for my brother the night he graduated college. It was perfect for that occasion. Today I paired it w/ black tights and booties and made it more suitable for winter weather. But, the fact of the matter is, I got this dress for a steal! I used the line from the Outkast song "ATLiens" for my title because I spend well. I don't make a heap of money each month... and I love shopping.. So, I shop carefully. I look in sale rooms, clearance racks, TJMaxx or Marshall's and definitely discount online shops such as Gilt Group or Shop It To Me. You can find great clothes for good prices if you are patient. Let me tell you, I have very expensive taste!! But, you'd never know it if you looked at my bank statements.. Of course there are those occasional splurges that every girl has to have.. But you know what I mean.. So, next time you are out shopping be thrifty.. You get more and you feel better.. I promise!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday!! The weather keeps getting better and better here in Bama! Roll Tide!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


"Baby don't you do it.. Don't you break my heart... Pleeeeeease don't do it.. don't you break my heart.." The Band!!!! If you read the post before this you know why this lyric is here! Check them out now!!!!!

Sheri posted this beautiful picture of herself on her blog today. I wanted to share it with you guys. Her blog is You should check it out!
Sher is a threat to wear all black!!! But, she's also so good at accessorizing it up!! I love the turquoise/black silk scarf (from Banana Republic). It brings out the color of that aqua pot sitting in the background. Shoes are Chinese Laundry. It's so fitting that she be posing in front of a bookshelf. She's a bit of a bookworm I tell you. It's cute! I love you Sheri Ash, my color splash!

Sunny days.. keeping the clouds away!!!

"Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy, sunshine almost always makes me high..."
Dave Matthews Band version :)

Anthropologie long cardigan and scarf; BDG for UO skinnies; Arden B tank top; thrifted sweater tunic; Frye oxfords; DIY and pendant necklace; Grateful Dead "Ripple" ring; opal earrings; smile; sunshine;

So, I thought I was going to have to go to the recycle center today. I head up the Green Team for the company I work for. Every other Monday we make a run to the recycling center here in Birmingham to unload all the recyclables we've collected here at work. Ysterday was my day. However, my partner and I both forgot. It actually worked out perfectly b/c I was not dressed to go throw "trash" around (see yesterday's post). Today I decided to wear something comfortable and easy to move in. Although, the shoes aren't the most comfortable. I just can't not wear heels. I love them!!! But, today we forgot AGAIN!!! By the time we both remembered we couldn't go. We use my brother's 4runner when we go and he had already left. So, I will try day 3 tomorrow to get to the recycle center. I'll also have to dress my style of comfortably. You'll see... I'll still be chic. :) ha!

I love the sweater I threw on today!!! The color always makes me smile!! How could it not? It's like sunshine! I hope you have all had a beautiful day today! My day has been full of sunshine, wind, good fruit, bright colors, work and THE BAND! If you've never heard them before you should look them up RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! You don't know what you're missing!
Have a great evening and thanks for reading!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Avatar, Conan and SAGS... media mania

"I'm married to my roots here, still I feel like I am free... " Widespread Panic lyric

Anthropologie top; UO cigarette pants; ALDO oxfords; DIY necklace; Mystree cardigan;

Anthropologie cardigan; UO trousers; Miley/Max feather shirt; Charlotte Russe pumps; UO sunglasses; vintage jewelry

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope everyone had a nice weekend.. I did. My boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 yr mark on Thursday. So, Friday we decided that we'd do one thing he really wanted to do and one thing I really wanted to do. He chose 9 holes of golf.. Easy enough! I just rode along and read my new ELLE magazine. :) I chose to watch Avatar in 3D. He was hesitant about the 3D b/c it makes him sick... but, a deal's a deal! Avatar was unbelievably beautiful! I couldn't believe they filmed it for 3 years before ever watching any of the footage! CRAZY! I recommend everyone see it in 3D before it leaves the theaters!

Saturday night I watched the SAGs! It was fun. I love to see all of the dresses.. Of Coarse! I think my favorite was Kate Hudson's beautiful white longsleeve gown. She looked AMAZING!

I took some pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror :) on Thursday last week and never got to post them. I love the shirt I'm wearing in the self portraits. I got it an Anthropologie last year. Its so feminine and flowy! I always feel so pretty when I wear it. I paired it with all black and then nude oxfords. Comfy and chic day!

Today I wore my new trousers.. I've been looking for a good pair for months now it seems.. They are always either too haremish or too baggy at the bottom or not the right material.. I tried my luck again the other day at Urban and viola.. I found the perfect ones! I'm also trying to wear these patent pumps more often.. Let me tell you though.. It ain't easy! These things are hard to walk in.. I've almost mastered it though.

Well, I hope everyone continues to have a lovely evening and week! Please continue to remember and support our brothers and sisters suffering in Haiti!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sing us a song...

"Sing us a song, you're the piano man, sing us a song tonight.. Well we're all in the mood for a melody and you've got us feeling alright... " -for Jere

Baby Bro :)Took some pics w/ my adorable baby brother, Jere. He's the best!

My little brother Jere is my heart! He's two years and two months to the day younger than me. We are best friends in so many ways. I work with him right now and I'm so grateful for that. He keeps me sane! He's a pretty fashionable fellow. So, you'll probably be seeing him much more often on this blog. I've been hounding him for days to take pics for me and I wouldn't let him out of it today. I forgot to ask where all of his clothes are from so I'm going to guess and let him tell me what I got right later. Okay? Here we go.. I'm gonna say the shirt is Banana Republic, pants probably are too; sweater is Calvin Klein (i'm pretty sure), shoes Johnson & Murphy? and bracelet H&M. How'd I do Jere? :)
My sweater is his too. I found it in his closet at the parent's house a few weeks ago. It's a cashmere/lambswool vneck from BR.. paired w/ Express tights, H&M bandage skirt, Steve Madden booties, vintage ring and trio of necklaces (mom's black, DIY charm, lunarearth pendant). I was feeling a little grunge and lazy this morning.
It's gotten to be a bit of a dreary afternoon. I don't really mind the grey skies sometimes. They have their own weird beauty.. I can live w/o rain though when I'm wearing 4 inch heels. But I've gotten pretty good at walking in them :) Spending the night with Sheri tonight.. We may end up posting more pics later.. after a little wine!
Hope everyone continues to have a great week!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just for Stevi

Cotton scarf from Forever 21 with The Black Keys T-shirt I got at the show in Birmingham, I wore it with my fabulous Lily Rubin cotton skirt with lace trim. It was chilly so I paired the fit with olive green leggings with lace trim. Completed with black and white polka dot open toe pumps by Doll House.

Black vest I found in Hollywood at a consignment shop Stevi and I went to ~ Necklace is a fabulous true vintage turquoise piece from Bessemer flea market.

Bombs and Butterflies

"Tuesday's gone with the wind..."

Mystree black cardigan, Butterfly dress from Soca Boutique, The Limited black tights, Black pumps- Charlotte Russe, DIY sunflower ink pen (thanks Sheri!), UO sunglasses

The Beautiful April in her pretty little Rodarte top :)

Hope everyone is having a fat Tuesday :) ha.. my pre-ode to Mardi Gras! Always a fun time... Today I really wanted to wear this dress. I got it in September. I saw it in the store and immediately fell in love.. First, I LOVE butterflies! Second, I love whimsical clothing.. this was shear and the palest of pinks w/ a ribbon tie! ADORABLE! So, this morning as I was going through my closet which is so messy (I can't keep a clean closet), I saw it and just needed to bust it out... no need to wait until spring or summer. That's the beauty of fashion! Just throw on black tights, chunky shoes and a cardigan or blazer and you're set... you can wear white, pink, whatever! You just have to accessorize well!
I also posted a picture of my beautiful friend, April. We work together and share mutual love for many things. Fashion being one of them.. I'm always so excited to see what rad little outfit she has on in the morning! Today was no different... so, I took a lil' pic to share w/ you guys. April and I share love for many things other than fashion.. I was really excited when the universe brought us together last year.. Our shared love for other people and the betterment of this world is what I love most... She and I both want to work to better life for women of cultures here and around the world who are abused and neglected.. One day at a time pretty lady... We'll make a change... one day at a time! Thank you April for letting me post your pretty face today! You are amazing!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Thank you for coming back!! I leave you today w/ a beautiful passage I came across.. Enjoy!

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair." -Kahlil Gibran

Monday, January 18, 2010

Casual Monday

Monday Funday!!!

relaxing for a few in the sunshine this morning...

showing off the handmade pendant my sweet boyfriend Myles got for me last year. It has 3 rubies, one purple apatite, and a spersatine(sp?) garnet in it; all of the pieces done by this guy are one of a kind... He's a brilliant artist and jeweler!

the back of the cardigan I was wearing today... I love the whimsical style of the clothing made in this line by Scrapbook Originals... all of the fabrics are really soft and the designs are very girly and fun!!! I have another sweater that I will post soon by them...

these are the new t-straps! Love them.. I always wear really high shoes and these aren't high! They are super comfortable and they were only $24 after Christmas.. normally $65! SO COOL!

Happy Monday Everyone!! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. My week has started off pretty well I'd say. I got to see one of my very best friends (now living in LA, hard to see her) last night!!! Her name is Amber and she is awesome!!! Love you beautiful lady!! To add to a great start to my week.. I had maybe my favorite salad EVER today!! It was on a bed of lettuce (duh, right?) with grilled chicken cubes, tortellini, goat cheese and apple slices! YUMMY!!! I also got to eat w/ my precious mama, sweet baby bro Jere and his best friend, Grant! Said it before, I'll say it again.. I love food, fashion, friends and fellowship :)

I woke up a little late. So, I dressed pretty quickly... wanted to wear my new t-straps and needed to wear some brown to work those in.. It was an extremely casual day for me which included: high-waisted cotton skirt (American Apparel), cotton tank (UO), comfy cardigan (scrapbook originals), and a ponytail! :) Tights and a cashmere scarf were necessities for the still a bit brisk weather too. My flair included a DIY necklace and my handmade pendant my BF got me last year for Christmas.. Thank you Myles :)

Before I go for the day I want to talk about Wannee Festival!!!!!!! I found out about it this weekend and I'm so excited about this festival. It's about 4 hours from my home, mid-spring, reasonably priced, absolutely amazing bands... need I go on. It's going to be incredible! The Allman Brothers put it on every year but I must say... I think this is the best line-up to date. I always have a busy spring w/ different concerts and music festivals.. I'm so very excited to add this to my agenda. You guys should check it out too!

I hope everyone continues to have a fantastically fabulous week!!!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Allee & Stevi photo shoot

Allee girl and me :)

decent picture of her size.. I'm telling you.. She's hard to capture well on camera!

Best of the bunch w/ Miss Allee girl.. that squinted eye is cute :)

Close up of my fun new tights... also, my new bandage skirt my mom bought for me at H&M in LA last week. Love you Mama!!!

So, last night my mom and I were bored together. So, I decided to try on some new digs for her to take pics of... she suggested we also accessorize the 130lb Saint Bernard, Allee.. Bama princess #2 in our fam! So, here they are for your enjoyment!! I love my new tights I got for Christmas. Mom picked them up for me at Steinmart one day.. They are Nicole Miller.. SO FUN w/ my purple boots and bandage skirt!! Allee doned my new purple & black scarf that will need to be cleaned ASAP!! She thought it was a chew toy! We had a hard time getting her to look at the camera.. But, she's a beauty to look at anyway :)

I hope everyone out there has a peaceful, blissfilled (i may have made that word combo up.. ha) weekend!! It's warming back up a bit in Bama. YAY!! I was getting tired of layers that pass the point of cute and go straight to frumpy :(

I leave you w/ a mantra my beautiful friend Whitney passed to me today...

"The beauty of life is to experienc yourself!"

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

National Champs 2009!! What What!!!!

I really wanted to showcase my new oxfords.. but didn't really like any of the close up photos. So, here they are (they're ALDO) w/ BDG pants, vintage top, Mystree black cardigan, vintage ring, mom's necklace and DIY charm necklace (I mix it up)
Beautiful new friend of mine, Stacy! She is the soon to be cousin-in-law of my best friend, Sheri. She had dinner w/ us at Sheri's house the other night and looked so cute. So, I asked her to pose for blog purposes ;) -free people top, vintage necklace, not sure about the rest.. looks great!!

Me trying to take pics of myself at New Years in hotel room :) still a kinda cool shot I guess.
Showcases my necklace at least :)

My New Years "get up".. Loved it!! Great night of fun music, great friends.. lots of love :)
*free people dress, TJ Maxx blazer, Express tights, Grateful Dead chuck taylors :), UO sunglasses, vintage necklace, GD button for flare, a smile and handmad by John at pendant for a lil' mo mo mo flare ;) (for my panic friends)

two pics of my friend Kim and I playing around in ATL on NYE!! We went in an awesome hat store.. I loved the color of the hat I had on and the pink in hers!! She also has on a narley little jacket (shown better above). I also got to rock my new Miss Sixty jacket that day! Love it... Thanks Kim!! Love you!
Now.. a little rambling.. So, the title of this blog really has nothing to do with the posted pics or anything. But, I can't help but boast about the fact that my University.. the one I graduated from.. that never beat our in-state rival team in the 5 years i was there.. WON THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE!!!!!!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just so exciting. My parents and brother made the treck, or really flight, across the country from Sweet Home Alabama to watch our boys pull out a victory! They say it was blissful.. with a little sh!t talk from Texas fans.... to be expected. Nonetheless.. Victory is sweet and Champions make plays! (heard that line today and it made me smile really big!!)
On to the pics above.. they are random.. But, it's been a while since I posted anything so there are several different pictures taken over the past few weeks. I'm gonna post many more soon. So, stay tuned..
I hope everyone is having a lovely new year so far. I am! I was sick this past weekend which worked out I guess since the temperature was in the teens and 20's most of the time. I'm not used to this see.. It was in the 70's when December started. Weird!
The pics of me in the sequin dress are from New Years. I was so bummed b/c I loved the outfit this year.. With my pink shades and Grateful Dead chucks.. so fun! But, I forgot to take pics at the concert. So, I had my BF do them in the hall of our hotel and then I took a few in front of the mirror. You lose a lot of the glittery effect of the dress w/ that photo. Oh well! Still wanted to share them.. I had a blast at New Years.. thanks to everyone who made it special ;)

I hope you enjoy these photos and my little bit of excitement over our victory. Thank you to any and everyone who reads this. I have really enjoyed it so far. Have a great week!! Listen to music you love!! That's my advice for today.. Ha! I have been listening to Phish and The Band all day.. Let me tell you.. makes you smile and want to dance ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!