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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Repeat the Sounding Joy

Me* lucky brand jeans; oxford shirt- Polo Ralph Lauren; sweater- Banana Republic; boots- Anthropologie; necklace and ring- vintage
Jere* tshirt-UO; belt- Express; Sweater- Calvin Klein; jeans- LEVI; shoes- Steve Madden

So, today is the last day of work for my brother, Jere, and I until after the Christmas holiday. Jere will actually be off through the new year. He is going to the mountains on Sunday for a little R&R. Yes, my brother and I work together and it is AWESOME!! It makes my day so much better that I can, at any point, go to my brother w/ whatever random thought that pops into my head. Anyway, I am off for New Years too to see some great music.. but, I'll tell more about that later. We were able to wear jeans to work today.. usually we have to dress up more. So, we took some pictures of baby bro and myself by our office Christmas tree. I'm so ready to be off today. My family always goes to Cheesecake Factory on Christmas Eve w/ my mom's best friend and her daughters (and husbands now). It has become a wonderful tradition. :) again... Fashion, food and FELLOWSHIP! Well, that is all for now.. I'll be back w/ more fun pictures from Christmas Eve later. Hope everyone is having a merry day.. Repeat the Sounding Joy!!! :)

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cody said...

nice pics.