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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Until my expiration day"

Vic Chesnutt 11/12/1964-12/25/2009
Today I write about a great singer/songwriter that has moved on from our world. Vic Chesnutt left this crazy world for the next big adventure on December 25th 2009. Many of you may not have a clue who this man is and if you do know of him I'd think you liked him. I liked him.. He spoke his mind, went through hard times and made great music for us all to dance to and share. His songs were used by so many from Madonna to Indigo Girls to REM to Widespread Panic. I knew him through the last band Widespread Panic. He wrote many songs that this band plays today. Two of my favorite songs to hear were written by Vic.. those are "Aunt Avis" and "Expiration Day." They ring true and have sweet but dark southern soul (in my opinion). He was also in the movie Sling Blade with Billy Bob Thornton. He was the guy in the wheelchair. Vic was in a car wreck when he was 19 yrs old that left him parplegic. After that he really got into songwriting. Many proceeds from albums he sold go/went to an organization that helps musicians w/ medical needs. The organization is the SWEET RELIEF FUND and you can check it out here Anyway, I've been touched by the life and death of Vic Chesnutt.. many of his songs got me through my days. He will be missed by all he reached in his life I'm sure. I leave this post w/ an excerpt from one of Vic's songs.

"Help me mama, for I have grinned

Save me daddy from where I'm goin'

Call out to me from the ages beyond

Help me remember how to be good

How to continue when I feel I really shouldn't..." Aunt Avis, Vic Chesnutt

RIP Vic!!!

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