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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

she's so crafty

So.. I love to decoupage. I do it a lot.. mostly picture frames and boxes.. Whenever I buy jewelry for friends I like to give it to them in a box I've decorated for them.. It's a unique way to express your style and store things. I posted three different frames that I have done lately. They are all different and I love them. I originally made the floral one to give to the girl in the picture w/ me but I loved it and kept it. We were like 18 or 19 in that photo. We were at Bonnaroo on the last night watching "The Dead." I took a close up shot of the actual picture and posted it. Both of our outfits were handmade. We both still have them too. Hers was a dress w/ an open back; Mine was a huge skirt and an apron style shirt that tied in the back. Maybe one day she and I will put them on and model them for the blog. They are both AMAZING!!!
Anyway, I also posted a Widespread Panic dvd cover. I'm going to see them tomorrow night and New Years Eve. I'll be sure to take some great pictures in my trusty, flashy new years dress.. I've added a little spunk to the get up this year.
HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! See you in 2010
xoxo, Stevi


Stacy said...

I like it! You must teach me how!

The Jazzy Belle said...

I'd love to!! It's very easy and fun!