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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ra Ra Sis Boom Bah

"Had a friend she once told me, you got love you ain't lonely..." LZ

Outfit: dress-Rachel Rachel Roy; blazer- vintage (stole from Mom); tights- ZARA; boots- Sam Edelman; rings- UO and gifted rings
I scored this dress at Macy's last week. It's Rachel Rachel Roy and I've been eyeing it since fall. It's part of her fall line and I've loved it since the first time I saw it. The cut of the dress is so great and flattering and I love the way it drapes in the front. I noticed a week or so before Christmas that Macy's had a HUGE sale on her line along w/ a few others I buy there. So, as usual when I'm bored on my lunch break, I went shopping. And... I scored big. I got this cute lil' dress and an adorable romper from her for less than half of what the dress originial cost. Awesome, huh? You'll be seeing both fairly often this spring/summer I'm sure.
Did you guys hear that Karl Lagerfeld is doing a capsule collection for Macy's too. Uh, yea!! I can't freakin' wait to see this. I love that more and more designers are doing capsule collections for places like Macy's, H&M, Target, etc. Closest I usually get to the real deal. ;)
Anyway, I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday evening. I'm about to go enjoy pizza and movie night w/ my parents and baby bro. Good times!
Thanks for reading!

1 comment:

Ra said...

1. the black blazer is by far the best thing ever invented.

2. that dress is perfection.