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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

National Champs 2009!! What What!!!!

I really wanted to showcase my new oxfords.. but didn't really like any of the close up photos. So, here they are (they're ALDO) w/ BDG pants, vintage top, Mystree black cardigan, vintage ring, mom's necklace and DIY charm necklace (I mix it up)
Beautiful new friend of mine, Stacy! She is the soon to be cousin-in-law of my best friend, Sheri. She had dinner w/ us at Sheri's house the other night and looked so cute. So, I asked her to pose for blog purposes ;) -free people top, vintage necklace, not sure about the rest.. looks great!!

Me trying to take pics of myself at New Years in hotel room :) still a kinda cool shot I guess.
Showcases my necklace at least :)

My New Years "get up".. Loved it!! Great night of fun music, great friends.. lots of love :)
*free people dress, TJ Maxx blazer, Express tights, Grateful Dead chuck taylors :), UO sunglasses, vintage necklace, GD button for flare, a smile and handmad by John at pendant for a lil' mo mo mo flare ;) (for my panic friends)

two pics of my friend Kim and I playing around in ATL on NYE!! We went in an awesome hat store.. I loved the color of the hat I had on and the pink in hers!! She also has on a narley little jacket (shown better above). I also got to rock my new Miss Sixty jacket that day! Love it... Thanks Kim!! Love you!
Now.. a little rambling.. So, the title of this blog really has nothing to do with the posted pics or anything. But, I can't help but boast about the fact that my University.. the one I graduated from.. that never beat our in-state rival team in the 5 years i was there.. WON THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE!!!!!!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's just so exciting. My parents and brother made the treck, or really flight, across the country from Sweet Home Alabama to watch our boys pull out a victory! They say it was blissful.. with a little sh!t talk from Texas fans.... to be expected. Nonetheless.. Victory is sweet and Champions make plays! (heard that line today and it made me smile really big!!)
On to the pics above.. they are random.. But, it's been a while since I posted anything so there are several different pictures taken over the past few weeks. I'm gonna post many more soon. So, stay tuned..
I hope everyone is having a lovely new year so far. I am! I was sick this past weekend which worked out I guess since the temperature was in the teens and 20's most of the time. I'm not used to this see.. It was in the 70's when December started. Weird!
The pics of me in the sequin dress are from New Years. I was so bummed b/c I loved the outfit this year.. With my pink shades and Grateful Dead chucks.. so fun! But, I forgot to take pics at the concert. So, I had my BF do them in the hall of our hotel and then I took a few in front of the mirror. You lose a lot of the glittery effect of the dress w/ that photo. Oh well! Still wanted to share them.. I had a blast at New Years.. thanks to everyone who made it special ;)

I hope you enjoy these photos and my little bit of excitement over our victory. Thank you to any and everyone who reads this. I have really enjoyed it so far. Have a great week!! Listen to music you love!! That's my advice for today.. Ha! I have been listening to Phish and The Band all day.. Let me tell you.. makes you smile and want to dance ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!


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jeremahaffey said...

love that first pic of you.
great shot.
...and you're adorable.