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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not Fade Away

"I had a friend she once told me, you got love you ain't lonely..." ~Led Zeppelin
I had to do a post dedicated to the ladies in my life!!! I have some truly amazing girls that I call friends!!! Here are a few pictures of a few of my closest friends! I love all of you so much!! I'm so grateful for each of these memories!!! My favorite thing is that most are at concerts! My favorite place to be besides the great outdoors! You are all such BEAUTIFUL women! Thank you for your love!

With Sheri and Amber in Los Angeles after we stole a cab from some losers who weren't quick enough to catch these bandits!!! :)
Erica's Freedom Fest 2009... last night as a single lady! They are a perfect and sweet couple. I'm proud for my good friend! BTW, I made that Bride-To-Be sash out of a bed sheet!

Me and Bonnaroo 2007 a.k.a. Dust-a-roo that year! Sweet Ronnie gave me this dress... I got told I looked like Jenny from Forrest Gump about 100 times.. maybe thats an exaggeration but it was a lot! I guess I do...

Suzy Q and I at Langerado 2007 in all of my homemade clothes! I love this stuff and I never wear it anymore. I'll probably never get rid of it either! I love this pic!

This one and the one below are at Voodoo Festival in New Orleans... We got to see
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was EPIC!!! We went w/ Amber (see first pic), her fiance, Chris, and my cousin Destry!! We were on the front row and as soon as the music started got moved back about 10 rows. I've NEVER jammed so hard in my whole life. I jumped up and down for at least an hour! My cuz, Destry, had to literally pick me off of a guys back b/c when I jumped up we were so close together I got stuck! It was an AMAZING night!

Rage Against The Machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me w/ Suzy Q and Erica a.k.a. E Money at the Birmingham Blues Festival 2008.. Fun Day!

With Lizzy, Sheri and Abby celebrating Abby's last night in Tuscaloosa... my sweet Abigail lives in Australia now! I miss her so much! We've had some amazing times together at concerts. The ones that stand out most... String Cheese in Huntsville and Dave/Tim/ Trey at Bonaroo 2004
Man oh Manwitz!

Me striking a peace pose at our campsite at Bonnaroo one year.. Not sure which year.. I think 2007... I've been to the Roo 7 times... Uh!!! They shouldn't call it Bonnaroo anymore... It's just not the same! That's all I'll say... Sorry!

With two sweet ladies at Bonnaroo.. We were waiting on Ben Harper to come out and play I think.. This ladies trip was perfect! Susan put the fan in my face every morning so I would sleep a bit longer and Ronnie had coffee waiting when the sun drove us out of our tents!
One of my most favorite pictures EVER!!! You can tell that Susan and I have seen a whole lot of music together!! She's is an amazing partner in crime and she can jam like no other! We've got so many great memories...
This post makes me smile! I hope all who read it really enjoy it! I have some great women in my life for sure! Girls... spend time w/ your friends! Make great memories and document them.. Cherish them forever! If you live far away from each other, make time to make new memories! These girls mean the world to me!
I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!


Amber Ivey said...

Hey Love. I have to say that these are all awesome, and we are so lucky to all have each other. I love you all, and wish I could have some girl time soon. I guess it will have to be at the wedding when we throw down and celebrate.


Ra said...

This post made me happy! I love the 2007 Bonnaroo pic!

Partain said...

Love you too Ste

The Jazzy Belle said...

Thank you for updating the blog Sher!! YOu are constantly keeping it updated and cool! I really appreciate you taking your time to work on it and make sure it is the best it can be! I'm lucky to have such an amazing friend like you!
I love you Sheri Ash a.k.a. My Tourpal for Life!!!!