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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wanee Festival

"Some come to laugh their past away, some come to make it just one more day..."
Grateful Dead
Wanee Music Festival, April 16-17, 2010 @ Spirit of Suwanee Music Park
Streamers in the trees...

Waiting for the North Mississippi All Stars to come on at the Mushroom Stage

Adorable little girl who was dancing around all day long! Loved her!

Me waiting for The Funky Meters to come on...

The crowd at the small stage.. This was by far the coolest outdoor/festival stage I've ever seen. It was so enclosed w/ trees and stairs built into the ground. People were hanging their hammocks everywhere to watch the music!!! It was seriously AWESOME!!!

Joel, Myles and I with our buddy Scooter!! Great crew!

Had to take a picture of this thing.. One of our neighbors in the campground built this. The bottom is pretty much a full kitchen w/ a sink, counter space and a hot eye. A table and awning come out ad there is a bed up top. It all folds down together!! It was so interesting!

There were beautiful willow trees everywhere.. I loved it!

Our crew on the last day after we'd cleaned up our campsite.

In the car on the ride home...
It was such an amazing festival!!! The music was absolutely enchanting! The best line-up on a festival I've EVER seen! So many of my favorite musicians were there. And they came to play and play hard for us! It was magical.. The North Mississippi Allstars were the hardest working people at the whole thing. They must have collaberated w/ at least 10 people! I suggest that if you live anywhere near or near enough to Live Oak, FL you go to Spirit of Suwanee Music Park. You can go for a quick camping weekend or an actual festival of some sort. They have events all the time.. It's something you won't want to miss. The camping area was beautiful. Plenty of trees for shade and a river to swim in! I fell in love!
I hope you all enjoy my pictures. Don't forget tomorrow is EARTH DAY!!! Do something creative to give back to the Earth and show her that you love her!! Wear colors of our Earth!
Thanks for reading!! Much love!


Bleu Mignon said...

I'm so glad that you finally posted pictures! They're great and it looks like you had loads of fun. You're so great!

Gypsy Glamorous said...

The pictures look so AMAZING! That is exciting to hear that North Miss were playing all over the place. That sounds sweet! I want to go camping. You should get your OZ ticket soon and me you and Abby can go together :)