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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Celebration!!

As I've told you guys before, I head up our office Green Team. Today was EARTH DAY as I hope all of you know! So, we had an Earth Day celebration at work. By the way, I work for an awesome company who supports what we are trying to do 100%! Makes it worth it to come to work and work hard. They do the same for us! Anyway, we had a cookout for the company w/ fun music and a pledge tree. You'll read more about it below. I hope everyone was able to celebrate Earth Day today! KEEP IT GREEN and TREAD LIGHTLY!!
Amy and I hanging out during the celebration.. We had blankets out for people to sit and eat picnic style (if they wanted).

Three of my fellow green team members: Jessica, Daniel and Amy

Jere and I in front of our pledge tree!

Brent Todd who was our trusty chef!!! He cooked the quesadillas for us :)

Some of my awesome co-workers enjoying tasty quesadillas and good company!!!

My two bosses!!!! Good thing they liked the food! :) They are really awesome bosses.. They let us do so many great/fun things! I mean, we had a cookout w/ loud rocking music in the middle of the parking lot.. We share our building w/ 4 other companies.. They didn't care! It was a good cause.. They had a blast w/ us! We fed some of the other people who wanted some BTW!

Here is the pledge tree we built entirely from recycled items! It is made of recycled cardboard and paper.. It was a fun aspect of the day... Your meal ticket was a pledge written on a leaf. It could be anything from recycling at home to conserving energy by turning off lights to cloth grocery bags, not throwing out litter anymore, buying secondhand, composting, planting nutrients... Anything anyone could think of that would treat our Earth w/ kindness!!!!
People got really creative and seemed to enjoy making a pledge! I have faith that everyone will really try to do what they pledge!

My really cool paper weight holding the leaves down so they didn't blow away in the wind!

DJ "climbing" the pledge tree

Our AWESOME, really HARD-WORKING GREEN TEAM!!!! I work with an amazing group to keep our office as eco-friendly and conscious as possible! They all bring great ideas to the table and work hard to get things done! We pulled off a wonderfully successful celebration today! I'm so proud of each of us!!
From Left to Right below: Jessica, me, Cliff, Amy, Rosalynn and Daniel
We are the GREEN TEAM!!!
I hope everyone out there celebrated Earth Day in one way or another!!! If you didn't, its not too late. Think of a pledge like we did. Use an example from my list! It's something easy to do, give back to OUR Earth! Living consciously is a great start! We only have this one planet to live on! I try to TREAD LIGHTLY!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Keep it green!


Gypsy Glamorous said...

Yay! I'm so proud of you Jazzy Bell! You did a fabulous job!

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