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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

leather and lace

"Well there's a light in your eye that keeps shining like a star that can't wait for the night.."
~Led Zeppelin

Skirt-Anthropologie; Tee- Miley/Max; Shoes-Charlotte Russe; Wayfairers- Urban Outfitters; belt- Simply Vera; jewelry- vintage, except the handmade pendant found on

My posts have been a little sporatic lately. I guess I've just had a lot going on... It's only going to get busier in the coming months. But, that's a good thing.. That means there is music to be seen!!! I will be taking lots of pictures at all the fun shows and festivals I go to, no doubt!
This past weekend was Easter. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. I did my normal Easter thing. Hung out w/ my fam, dyed Easter eggs, got a basket (yes, we still get baskets at 23 & 25), went to church and lunch w/ my family, and hung out w/ a great friend of mine. Jay is this friend and she is an amazing woman! We used to ride around town as teens, smoking cigs, jammin' tunes, eating Sonic late night... not much has changed.
If you live down south, has anyone noticed that we pretty much skipped Spring? It was like 40-50 degrees two weeks ago and now it's a steamy 86 everyday!! I'm not necessarily complaining.. Just a bit bewildered that's all. :)
I'm wearing another favorite skirt of mine today. I got the new Free People magazine last night. The shots were taken in Morrocco as is the theme of the magazine, Morrocco. So, I pulled out this beautiful skirt that I got from Anthro a few years back. The great thing about this skirt is the story behind it. It was normal around a $200 skirt. My mom and I both saw it and both fell in love w/ it. There were several hanging there and 2 of the several had the price of $19.99. The rest were marked at $79.99. Well, it just so happened that those two $19.99 skirts were the two sizes that we needed... so, we snatched them right up. The salesgirl tried to argue but it was clear $19.99 was the price as marked! So, we won and now we have these beautiful and intricate lace skirts! I also jazzed the outfit up w/ LOTS of jewelry today!! I'm wearing almost all vintage jewelry besides my watch and my handmade pendant! I've told you guys about this website and artist at least 5 times. If you haven't checked him out yet, you need to get on it! You have been told!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, to end a rather long paragraph.. I love my outfit today!
I hope everyone is having an absolutely wonderful week!!! I
hope it is warm and sunny and the flowers are in bloom wherever you are!! And I hope this gorgeous weather carries on into the weekend where I plan to sunbathe and canoe and enjoy the great outdoors again!
Thank you for reading my rants!
peace and much love,


Ra said...

I feel you on the posting sporadically thing -- I just don't have time these days!

The weather in the south has been psycho. It was 90 degrees out here in West Texas yesterday. Today it's in the 50s. CRAZY.

Partain said...

I love that last picture of you! I need to do an updated collage soon.