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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

VACATION.... off to Amber's Wedding!

"I didn't see you were right next to me but I'm so glad you could make it. With you by my side I might get back alive from my next VACATION!!!!"
Amber's wedding weekend is finally here!!! I'm about to have two weeks of madness and I LOVE IT!!! Wedding this weekend, my bday on Monday (July 12.. what? what?!!) then off to Chicago to see some PANIC!!!! Again.... what what!!!???!!!
I took these pics last week one day and never got around to posting them. I like this outfit b/c it is very simple and very comfortable!!! Perfect for a hot summer day. My hair was being kinda funky that day too... I like it!
Peace out Peeps! :)
I'm leaving in a few hours to drive to Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Yep... Going to hang w/ Amber and watch my girl GET MARRIED!!!! I've been talking about it and looking forward to it for months! And IT IS HERE! She and her fiance have been at the house since Saturday. The rest of the wedding party, friends and family have been trickling in throughout the week. Tonight, everyone should be there and we are going to throw down! I can't wait!!!!!! I did take pictures at the party I threw for her on Friday. But, I decided to just do one big wedding post next week. So, you all will get Amber and Chris overload then. ;)
I just wanted to post a little something before I head out. I doubt I will have the time to post again over the week or weekend. Anyways... I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Celebration of the 4th!!! I sure did. We had the party on Friday which was really fun. The other host, Emily, and I took a dip in the pool before the guests arrived. Then we caught up w/ some girls I haven't seen since we graduated high school.. Some I have seen too! For the 4th, I spent the day by the lake w/ good food, great friends and beautiful fireworks!!!
What did you do?
Anyway, I've got a lot more to do before I leave today. So, I better get to it. I hope everyone has a lovely, fun and peaceful week!!! Thank you SO much for reading. I have some awesome readers and friends!

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