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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekend in the Windy City w/ WSP

So.... my trip to Chicago was so freakin' awesome!!! I LOVE that city and I didn't even get to explore that much. We stayed at the Westin 3 blocks from the Chicago Theater which is where Panic played. So, besides our trip to "Wrigleyville" for the Cubs game, we didn't venture away from our little area. But, WE HAD A BALL!!!! Here is a lil' recap of the trip....

The marque at the Chicago Theater.. I took several pictures obviously...
This was the first day that we got in Chi town. We stopped right outside of Louisville and grabbed a hotel the first night then made the rest of the journey on Thursday. I wore my seersucker Anthropologie dress that night.
With the fellas during set break. Scooter to the left, Myles to the right.
Below, the sign outside of Wrigley stadium which is in a really cool part of town. I loved it!
Scooter got a lot of hell for wearing that Braves jersey but it didn't phase him ONE BIT! He ate it up actually and wore it w/ a smile :)
Myles and I before the sweat started pouring.. At the game was the only time it felt like the south. So many people from there were complaining about the "heat wave" which I'm sure it was for them. But, it was amazing for us. Low 90's and a breeze?? Perfect!
Myles was SUPER excited about the Cubs winning the game at the last minute.
Our little crew.. Scooter had some friends come from Colorado and Minnesota.. After two days with them, they were my friends too. Such sweet people! Ethan (on the left) didn't quite make it in time to be in the pic.. He's awesome too :)
I was being silly with the camera and took a REALLY close up shot. I think it's kinda cool though actually :)
Our friends, Chet and Kim, came in from Champaign, IL for the Saturday night show. I was SO EXCITED to have them come. I haven't seen them since New Years and they are very dear to me. They were living in the mountains of Colorado. So, at least now I can get to them a little easier when we wanna see them.
After three crazy days of Widespread Panic Partying and one Cubs game it was time to head home. I was sad to leave the Windy City. I manned the passenger seat for our journey back while each boy took a turn napping.. Weak Sauce! I had to take a picture of my necessities:
ipod, gum, burt's bees chapstick, GPS, phone and sunnies :)
This last picture was just too cute not to take. Scoot was out like a light for like 4 hours. We stopped for breakfast right before he fell asleep. He woke up when we were stopping again and was like... We just stopped, why are you doing it again?? We'll never get home! We then informed him he'd been out for hours and he was all smiles :)
It was an incredible time w/ some incredible people!!! Thank you to Scoot and Myles for looking out for me the whole time and keeping me safe. Thanks for all of our other new and old friends for making it so fun. Any time w/ Panic is ALWAYS fun but it's better w/ friends. I can't wait to visit the Windy City again. Chicago is GREAT!!!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Thanks for reading!

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