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Thursday, July 22, 2010

chest fever

"She was just there but then she can't be here no more..."
I'm wearing three bday gifts today... my Ray Ban round wayfarers from Hap and Candy, emerald ring from Ian and new ZARA dress, which Myles bought for me in Chicago. Paired these w/ a vintage belt and some Chinese Laundry wedges
It is freakin' hot in Alabama man... Like almost too hot to go outside and take pictures. You sweat from the moment you walk out.. But, I toughed it out. I'm used to it but it doesn't always make for the best pictures.
Looking to have a very chill weekend. For the past month I've been going, going, going every weekend. Now it's time to CHILL OUT! I plan to rest a lot, watch some movies, probably go swimming in the lake (it's there and tempting all the time) and hang w/ good peeps. I've got a few friends in town from different places that I need to see and hang w/ at some point. so, that'll happen. Maybe we'll get some interesting pics out of it. We'll see.....

Anyways, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I love that mine starts on Thursdays!
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1 comment:

Ra said...

i'm definitely digging the sunglasses. and the wedges. perfection.