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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

birthday flashback

So, I told you all very briefly yesterday that it was my birthday. It was an excellent birthday and here is a little recap.

I did have to work yesterday. So, my dear friend, Ian, came to town and took me out to lunch. I've known him for 8 years now. He was one of the first people I met in college and he is AWESOME!!!
Clearly, we have and had a lot of fun together. ;) I took him to Golden Temple and he bought me a delicious lunch of veggie Mexican pizza and black cherry soda. He also surprised me w/ the beautiful handmade emerald ring pictured below. I'm one lucky lady to have really cool and loving friends like him!

Last night, my parents took me out for a birthday dinner as they always do. Usually I go for sushi since they are paying and don't really like it. I can only get mom in a sushi place on my birthday. Dad eats it every now and then. But, I opted for the Village Tavern last night instead. It had lots of choices for everyone.

Here is the birthday dinner crew. My sweet friend, Elise, joined us. I was so excited to have her. She got me some really fun MAC eye shadow for my bday along w/ an "Ain't Life Grand" card! Hap and Candy got me some awesome Ray Ban's that I'm wearing in the pictures above w/ Ian. They are the round wayfarers. Jere got me a bouquet of BEAUTIFUL sunflowers, which are my favorite flower!!

Cheesin' w/ my sweet Elise and precious Jere! I love you guys!
I had to get at least one outfit pic into the mix. You've all seen this skirt before. But, I wanted something bright on bottom and I wanted to wear my espadrilles. Elise is wearing an Anthro dress I do believe.

Jere and I were being silly after dinner. We put on a little Michael Jackson impersonation/dance show outside the restaurant. It was quite fun and we had mom, dad and Elise rolling. Elise was able to capture a few silly moments.

This would be one of those silly moments!

Family Picture!!
I have such an amazing family! They are always there to support and love me. They always give the BEST cards too. Dad's had me crying as I read it. I'm such a lucky girl.. seriously! They all love me so much! The three of them sat in sunglass hut for 2 hours last week sending me emails of mom trying on shades for me. They made two different trips and finally found the perfect pair for me. That is dedication.
Tomorrow night I am off to Chicago for 3 nights of Panic and a Cubs game. I am so excited to continue the birthday celebration.
Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so special yesterday! I couldn't ask for better friends and family! CHEERS!!


mariska said...

awhh..happy b'day (sorry it's late).
I love ur blog.u really bring happiness in this post, I smile when I read and see the pics.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday.... You look so grate in your pictures, and it looks like your fam is doing good. I miss you and wish you would get in touch with me sometimes... I posted once a couple of weeks back, but I haven't heard anything... know you're a busy chic though. Hopefully I'll hear from you soon... I miss you Steves~it would be a lot of fun to get together again, lunch or a drink with me and my husband or something... Hope you are having fun at Panic and the Cubs and have a safe trip back... talk to you soon hopefully... "We're rollin' down the windows for this ride... there's not much time to take things slow... we will turn our heads into the sunrise as the storms rage in the west, and we're goin' down to see my lady love... now I'm not really interested in tellin' you my mind... just let me drink another before you go......" PEACE N PANIC~Kristen Smiley