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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dog Days Are Over

Florence and the Machine rock my face! Just saying... Been jammin' to the "Lungs" album all day long.. Makin' me smile!

Outfit: cropped tee, glasses and knuckle ring- Urban Outfitters; chiffon skirt- American Apparel; other rings- vintage and handmade; boots- Faryl Robin
So, I brought the Nikon to work today and had my friend snap a few shots. I was feeling quirky as I got dressed this morning... I'm sure you can tell. Got my mom to pick up this skirt for me at American Apparel last month when she was in Philadelphia, helping my brother move. I saw it on ChicMuse and new immediately that I wanted one. I love chiffon and I love floor length skirts. Jere called and said "They have blue, black and khaki.. I mean Dickie's khaki." I, without hesitation, I want khaki. I'm still playing around with it. But, I like the cropped tee w/ it a lot and the glasses seemed necessary w/ such a random outfit. Wearing my grey boots for the second time this week. These will be in heavy rotation this Autumn/Winter. So, get ready to see them a lot. I'm glad to be doing an outfit post. I hope to get back into the routine soon.
I hope everyone is still having a lovely week. If not, you still have time to change that before the weekend. Thank you for reading!!!


Ra said...

fan. tas. tic.

Big C said...

Love the pics and the booties will definitely be a staple this fall and winter.