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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hangout Yo

"We got a party goin' on, many spirits strong, ain't no preacher, just a happy to meet ya." WP

Outfit: sweater &dress- UO; boots- Sam Edelman; jewelry- vintage;
So... I'm getting a little ahead of myself and the season here but... HANGOUT FESTIVAL was announced today!!!! What!!!??? This has gotten me very excited for the upcoming Spring/Summer. Panic, Primus, MMJ, Flaming Lips, Girl Talk... Just to name a few for now. I'm seeing a few shows here and there this month. Most notable, my boys, Widespread Panic, on Valentine's Day..... Yes, please! But, I'm ready for the SPRING!
Festival season will be very interesting for me this year. I'm going to try and to vend a few of them. I'm super excited about the possibility of putting my creations out into the music world. I think it will be an amazing opportunity. BUT, I'm a little worried about me wanting to leave my booth when amazing bands are playing.... we'll see how it pans out. Ha! You guys will be along for the ride b/c I will definitely blog the whole way!
Anyway, that's my schpill on Hangout and music fests for now...
Hope everyone is having a GREAT night!

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