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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Leave all your Loving your Loving behind

"....You can't carry it with you if you want to survive."
Florence and the Machine

Sources: disarming darling, fashionlane, bones & skulls, the showmanship
Some photos I've collected over the past few weeks... Well, besides my computer screen which says what I'm thinking "Bonnaroo Please." Except, I'm really thinking, Bonnaroo please in 20 degree lower temps and tree groves all around. I've taken a break from the roo for the past few years. This will be my 8th time going though. I always have fun even if I am sleep deprived the whole time.. They just need more shade and mist tents. That many acts in one place just can't be missed this time. But, this is one of many amazing musical opportunities this spring and summer. If you live in the south, you should check out the amazing music headed our way!
The other pics are things I found pretty or cool this week. I started working on a bead head piece like the one in the pic. I fell in love when I saw it. I'll show you guys how it turned out once I finish. I'll probably make some for Too Gypsies too.
Take a look at the Too Gypsies facebook page when you get a chance. Lots of new jewelry up for grabs online and in the marketplace.
I hope everyone has had a lovely week. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

WSMFP Happy Anniversary, Boys!

"My emotions they get all tangled up and my heart has just turned 'round."~Widespread Panic
Today marks 25 years that my favorite band has been playing together. What an epic day? The boys are getting ready to play a two night run in the town where it all started, Athens, GA. I decided to take a little look back over the past few years of seeing these guys. This year marks the 9th year that I've followed this crazy band around. I don't regret one second of it!In Louisville for Forecastle Festival
Raleigh, NC one rainy night

Our crew meeting up before the NYE run in 2007.... so much fun!

Orange Beach Panic, baby!!
With the fellas at Wannee Festival 2010... what a great weekend!
With my partner in crime and soul sister, Suzy Q in Raleigh, NC
My tourpal(yes b/c we used to ALWAYS go on tour together) screaming WIDESPREAD PANIC really loud in Little Five Points, Atlanta, GA.
Myles and I in Chicago this past summer for a three night run. Oh, what fun?!!! :)
Here is the band as we know it now.. JB, Jimmy, Schools, Sunny, Todd and JoJo. What a crew? I love these guys. I've met a few of them. So nice and love what they do. I remember being pretty star struck by JoJo first time I met him. He was cool as a cucumber. I'm going to miss them next year. But, this year.... I'm going to rock as hard as I can right along with them.
Happy Anniversary, Widespread Panic!
To all my friends celebrating w/ the boys tonight, GET DOWN!! Have fun!! Spread some love!
Thanks for reading!! WSMFP!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dark Star

"Shall we go you and I while we can, through the transitive nightfall of diamonds."
Grateful Dead

( source: disarming darling, color me nana, b/c im addicted; 99 cent dreams, frou frouu, fashion lane)
Happy Day, Friends! It's Monday. The beginning of the week. Some people hate Monday, some love it. I love it for some reason. It always goes by quickly at work and I know I have the whole week ahead of me :) Possibilities seem endless on Mondays.
These are some pictures I've been storing on my computer that give inspiration. I love anything bohemian and girly. Although, my looks have become a bit more androgynous lately. My style is ever evolving. I think that's how it should be anyway though.
Tonight I'm going to see the Dark Star Orchestra. This orchestra pays tribute to one of my favorite bands of all times, the Grateful Dead. They chose a Grateful Dead show and play it in its entirety each show. It's pretty interesting and entertaining.
Anways, I hope you guys find something inspiring in the photos I've posted. Have a great week! Make something happen.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hangout Yo

"We got a party goin' on, many spirits strong, ain't no preacher, just a happy to meet ya." WP

Outfit: sweater &dress- UO; boots- Sam Edelman; jewelry- vintage;
So... I'm getting a little ahead of myself and the season here but... HANGOUT FESTIVAL was announced today!!!! What!!!??? This has gotten me very excited for the upcoming Spring/Summer. Panic, Primus, MMJ, Flaming Lips, Girl Talk... Just to name a few for now. I'm seeing a few shows here and there this month. Most notable, my boys, Widespread Panic, on Valentine's Day..... Yes, please! But, I'm ready for the SPRING!
Festival season will be very interesting for me this year. I'm going to try and to vend a few of them. I'm super excited about the possibility of putting my creations out into the music world. I think it will be an amazing opportunity. BUT, I'm a little worried about me wanting to leave my booth when amazing bands are playing.... we'll see how it pans out. Ha! You guys will be along for the ride b/c I will definitely blog the whole way!
Anyway, that's my schpill on Hangout and music fests for now...
Hope everyone is having a GREAT night!