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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunny Daze

"Best to count your blessings child, the sun's not too hot today. Like to get to church before, oh, before this old jacket fades. Take us right to the shade...."
Widespread Panic~ Papa Johnny Road

The weather in Alabama today is absolutely magical!! Sunny 80 degrees.. The burn of the leather against my ass as I got in the car made me smile! By summer, I'll be cussing that sting. But, today... I loved it! This weekend is supposed to be beautiful too! I'm going to try and get a tan and enjoy time w/ my fam on Sunday for Easter! My sweet mom still gets us a basket! :)

These pics were taken on Tuesday but I never got around to posting them. This shirt is my absolute favorite spring/summer shirt. It's perfectly flowy and colorful and feminine!! I can't walk out of the house w/o compliments about it, which I don't mind :) Anna Sui did this one for Anthropologie and I lucked up and got if for a great price on sale! Ahhh.... Beauty of patience and thriftiness... Yes, I'm bragging a bit.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!! If it's pretty where you are get outside! Do something fun and creative!! I've got my bathing suit and frisbee out and ready to go!

Also... thank you to all the great people who have sent sweet vibes, prayers and messages my way this week for my mom. It means so much to me!! She's doing very well still!! I'm proud of her.. She's been a trooper this year!

Thanks to all who read! Have a peaceful and fun weekend everyone!!

lots of love,

1 comment:

Ra said...

OBSESSED with the first picture.

I totally know what you mean about the leather burning your ass thing...the only thing I dislike about summer is leaving my Chapstick in my car & it melting.