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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the sun is melting EVERYTHING

Sunny Daze here in Alabama.
Wearing as little clothing as possible is a necessity.
Appropriate dress for the work place is too.
Compromise is Key.
The outfit: blouse- Ella Moss, belt- UO, trousers- ZARA, sandals- BCBG, sunnies- Ray Ban, watch and ring- ATL market, necklace- vintage
I've been MIA on the blog over the past week or so.
Life has been busy and sporatic.
I haven't felt like I've had time for styling.
Until this weekend that is... when I hit the jackpot on sales at Belk. 2 awesome pairs of shoes, 3 pretty Free People pieces. Cardi, cotton tank and tunic. Score! 1 beautifully sheer vintage blouse from a little vintage boutique in downtown Birmingham. A boutique that always makes me smile as I drive up and see their lazy kitty cat mascots waiting for my arrival.
Tax free weekend coming up.
What to buy next???? NOTHING ELSE!!!
More school coming soon for me! YAY AGAIN!!!!
Money must be saved... Starting....... now! GO!
More about that later :)
So, obviously I mixed up my writing style today. I'm going to be experimenting w/ the blog a bit over the next few days/weeks/ month. I did shop a lot this week and it is tax free wkend this coming weekend. I'm going to do my best to stay away from the shopping monster in my head! Also, I am planning another trip down college lane. I will tell you guys more about that as I find out more about what I am doing. :) It's exciting stuff.
I am planning to really get back into my blog. Thank you to all my friendly, loyal followers and readers for hanging in there with me. Hiatus is good sometimes.
I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far!!!!!


Ra said...

i have missed you, sister girl!

enter my giveawaaaay!

*rachelwears said...

your hair is gorgeous!

Gypsy Glamorous said...

Hey Ste! I love the pix and I like that you are experimenting with your writing style@!

Anonymous said...

College lane eh??? Caught myself thinking of that loco weekend I spent with you in Ttown all those years ago, like over half a decade... Sheer panic!!! Your hair is so angelic as ever. I love to see these great pics of you... You are just so, I don't know - SEW STEVI... (new blog name if you ever need one). Still hope to get together soon Steves. Love ya, talk to you soon. Peace sister.