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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anthropologie meets Alabama football season

As I was perusing the new Anthropologie collection online today, I noticed several possible "game day" appropriate pieces for the ladies who attend the University of Alabama football games. If you have been to these games, you know what I mean. If you haven't, I'll try to break it down. Most ladies who either now attend UA or have attended UA like to dress up for the games. Some wear their favorite dresses or skirts whether they are Bama colors or not. Many wear some version of Crimson, red, grey, white, or houndstooth print. Houndstooth is the signature pattern for Alabama football and the signature colors are crimson, white and grey. These make for some lovely game day outfits. I am one of the ladies who still likes to wear cute dresses and outfits to the games even if I am an alumni. It's just fun (unless it's cold).
Here are some things I chose for Alabama football games from Anthropologie.
I love the dress above which would look so cute w/ a crimson or red belt substitute. Any variation of red or crimson accessories would be adorable (belt, shoes, clutch, headband)
The dress above is a little bright for Bama colors, but girls wear all sorts of red as I said above. This dress is precious w/ the bows and would look great w/ houndstooth accessories.

Both of these cardigans are so precious w/ their dainty details. Both would look adorable over a grey or black dress.

Below is one grey dress found on the site that I love for its simplicity. It's one that any Bama girl could spice up w/ her crimson and houndstooth shoes, bags, hats and jewelry.

I love this silky light grey blouse. I immediately pictured it w/ some crimson skinny jeans or cords and ballet flats. Simple, comfy and chic.
Okay.... So, I fell in LOVE with the skirt above. I saw it in the store the other day and had to walk away. I will be buying it at some point. It is the PERFECT Autumn skirt for Alabama football games. Thick material, good length, pretty pleats. PERFECT!

These are both pretty shirts that I thought would look nice tucked neatly into the perfect skirt shown above. They could also be paired w/ a grey skirt or trousers beautifully. Paired w/ pumps or flats any girl wearing them would be adorable! Both shirts are that deep beautiful crimson/wine color.

That's all for now. I love Alabama football. I love its traditions and my traditions that go w/ the game. I love that I'm an alumni and that football season was always the best season for me while attending school there. It's still one of my favorite times of year. I also love that each year it doesn't change. The ladies of the University of Alabama still love to look their best on game day. A tradition worth keeping if you ask me. Oh, and I love Anthropologie!
Thanks for reading friends!!
Roll Tide Roll!

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Ra said...

i love how you wrote about game day. i'm trying to find the perfect outfit to wear to texas tech games. red, black, white---it shouldn't be that hard!

wreck 'em!