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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Too Gypsies

"Girls they want to have fun, oh, girls just a wanna have fun."

Jay and I a.k.a. The Gypsy Girls got together on Sunday and did a photo shoot. The first of many we hope! We got together to discuss plans for our store and to take photos of a few items. Really, we were just playing around and had LOTS of fun doing it!

Below is one of my favorite pictures from the day. It's like we're saying "We're done." We walked around our hometown and took some really cool pics. I was amazed at how many cool little spots there were to take pictures.
The two of us have been planning this store for over a year now. There are days that we feel hopeless and days we are filled with excitement. But, it's all coming together and we know it's going to be great. Everything is made with love. We both work hard and use our imaginations to the best of our abilites. We can't wait to share our creations with the world. We were wearing some of our pieces in the pictures (headband, earrings, necklaces). This is an exciting adventure for us. Who knows how it will all pan out. But, that's what adventures are all about. I'm so happy to be doing this with her. Jay is a brilliant woman who's creativity never ceases to amaze me. So, please stay tuned and check out our store when we bring it to you. I'll keep you posted through this blog. We have also created one for the store. But, want to work on it a little more before we introduce it to the public. :)
Thank you so much for reading!! Have a Grateful Day!!


Ra said...


CC said...

Fab photos! Love the headband. :)

The Jazzy Belle said...

Thanks you guys!! xoxo

Jay said...

Steves! I love the post and had so much fun with you this past weekend. Can't wait to get all of our creations photographed and up for everyone to see. Love you! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Jay said...

P.S. The hair clips and earrings are awesome! Can't wait for people to see them. They will be as impressed as I am!

Bleu Mignon said...

I love the post and all the progress that you seem to be making. You look so happy and content. Oh yeah and I love the cross pendant. I'll definitely be a customer! Miss u, hope to see you sometime and wish lots of love and peace your way lady! ~A