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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sam vs. Senso

So, my black booties bit the dust last March. I'd had them for two or so years and wore them religiously throughout the Fall and Winter months. While on a bachelorette party weekend extravaganza, they made their final appearance. So, now I am trying to decide which new pair of black booties to buy... These are the top two picks!

Sam Edelman's ZOE boot

Senso's NEVE boot
Which pair would you get? I'm so torn. I wish I could do both. But, I must be reasonable here. I also need some new brown boots in my life. So, help me out here. Give me some feedback!
Get both pairs at
I hope everyone is having a lovely day. Thanks for reading!


Ra said...

can't go wrong with sam edelman.

Zaia said...

i really love how these 2 boots give the illusion on a really cool shaped leg and feet, wegdes are deff my faves these days!xx

Cylia said...

Senso's Neve boot!! too many people have the sam edelman ones:)


The Jazzy Belle said...

Thanks you guys! It helps to have the opinions of other fashionistas. Hope everyone is having a great Friday.


Aphrodite said...

If i didnt have the Zoe and saw both, next to each other, i think i'd still get the Zoe.=) But i have to admit i'm liking/wanting the senso!!!!!!!!!!!