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Monday, November 8, 2010

Flashbacks are FUN

Great night out w/ baby bro!

Jere driving off in the Runner on his way to Philly.. Ok.. DJ drove :)

necklace I made for our store: Too Gypsies

Above is a bracelet/ring I made for Too Gypsies
Fun game weekends w/ friends.. Mitchell and Kristie

Amazing weekend w/ friends and family in TN! Love my great fam!
Roll Tide Roll!!!!!
These are some random pictures I've had on my camera and computer for a while.
So, I decided to share them in a bit of a montage/photo diary today :)
Just noticed this... They start w/ Jere's departure for Philadelphia and end with his first trip back south! We were in Pigeon Forge/Knoxville for the Alabama VS. Tennessee game weekend. Great times! I miss that fella! He'll be back again soon!
I hope everyone's week has started off well!!! Thanks for reading!

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