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Thursday, November 4, 2010

double take

"Don't think twice... it's alright"

outfit: cape- vintage, blouse- Anthropologie; jeans- Pacsun; clogs- Sam Edelman; sunnies- RayBan, jewelry- gifted and vintage
I know I blogged this shirt last week and it's a blogger no-no to post the same outfit twice in a row. But, my brother sent me these pictures he took of me a few weekends ago in Tennessee. I like them so I'm posting them. The shirt is styled differently anyway. You will hardly ever catch me in flare leg jeans either. Wearing my grandmother's cape that I LOVE so much! When I pulled it out, my mother laughed at me and couldn't believe I was actually thinking of sporting it. Now, she loves to see me in it. The color is perfect as are the buttons. It's missing one button. So, I'm thinking of taking them all off and putting some funky ones on. We'll see.
Not feeling my best today, my weekend in New Orleans kicked my butt. Plus, I've been around lots of sick people this week. YUCK! My plan is to do a lot of lounging this weekend :) So, if you're bored and want to make me some soup, I won't protest. Took two disposable cameras to Nola. Now I've just got to get them developed before next Halloween. I'll post pics soon.
Hope everyone is having a nice week. Thanks for reading.

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Jay said...

Love Love Love the outfit and you make it look even better ,=) Hope you have a great day! love you!