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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Too Gypsies - Art - Friends

Last Saturday I attended and vended an art show held by a friend of mine in Jackson's Gap, AL. I sold jewelry from my handmade/vintage store, Too Gypsies. I have talked about Too Gypsies on my blog before. One of my childhood best friends, Jay, and I make beautiful handmade jewelry together and on our own. It was great to do an art show for the first time since we started this journey.
One of my best friends, Kristie Jo, after the art show. Our friend, Whitney, who organized the gathering, had this dead Christmas tree. Kristie a.k.a. KJo used it to hang her stained glass.

My display table at the art show.

Cloth flower and feather hair pins
semi-precious stone and silver earrings
Deco boxes, feather hair clips and head bands
K Jo has a store called "A Cup of Jo." She sales vintage clothing along w/ vintage and handmade jewelry. She sells in a store in Tuscaloosa, AL and also uses Etsy. If you are ever in the Tuscaloosa area, check her stuff out at Grace Aberden boutique.
The rack of vintage clothes K Jo brought for the show.
How rad is that Mickey and Minnie sweater in the front?!!!
Some of Kristie's stained glass. I love these honeycomb pieces. She's also done some more abstract pieces that are amazing!
Whitney's table
She mixed up some really great bath salts. All of the concoctions were created by Whitney. This one "Simple Is..." was my favorite. It had dried lavendar mixed in. All of the salts are sold in either vintage vases or mason jars. Nice touch, huh?
Journals Whitney created with vintage books and paper.
I loved these match boxes! One of the other artists who was there, Lila, had these. The naked Santa was my favorite!
Kristie Jo in front of her display area :)
In the bottom left, you can see the other stained glass pieces in the vintage suitcase.
One of my favorite things about art shows is that artists make trades! Everyone there has a different creation that other artist's appreciate and want. Kristie and I made a great trade. She is wearing one of the pieces she got from me.... the metal sunburst headpiece. It looks so great on her w/ her adorably short haircut! I scored a great ring and vintage dress from her!
It was great to be there w/ these two ladies. I met both of them while in college at Alabama. They are both very talented artists and great girls.
To view or purchase anything from Too Gypsies check out our page on facebook. You can also check out our twitter and etsy page by typing in Too Gypsies. We are hoping to expand all of our efforts soon and have a webpage where you can view and purchase from many different artists including the three of us pictured above.
Thanks for reading my friends! I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

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okay that looks like it was a blast!