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Thursday, May 20, 2010

some pics from college graduation

I found these pictures on Facebook last week and just had to share them. I was lucky enough to graduate college with three great friends of mine!! It was the most memorable graduation I could have asked for! It was absolutely perfect!!!

Me w/ Abby and Jen right after graduation

In out caps and gowns!!!!

Abby is a year younger than me. Sheri was the first 'best friend' I met at college. We both accepted invitations to dinner at a frat house w/ really dorky guys. From that night on we were inseperable. Then, the next year, Abby came! She was loud and crazy and so much fun to be around. She quickly became our next 'best friend' at college. The three of us plus our sweet Nikki had the funnest, craziest most amazing college experiences together.... and now those two skanks are in Australia with out me!!!! You two better be missing me like crazy! Damn it!

Abby and I at the restaurant I worked at all through college, The Globe. We'd had maybe 3 hours of sleep the night before and were enjoying some nice champaign at lunch already. But, hey... it was graduation, right?

Me with Abby's sweet family! They were so much fun to hang out with that day. Our parents had a ball together too! :)
I'm wearing a dress by Anna Sui for Anthropologie and Abby is wearing a dress from Express

Abs and I in our princess crowns. We bought these and the 2007 Mardi Gras necklaces between lunch and nap time at the Party Store in Tuscaloosa. We had to make sure to stand out from the crowd!!! Probably didn't even need the crowns!

Dancing with my Papa Bear!!! He and my brother are THE BEST dance partners ever!!! I guess Jere inherited Hap's dance moves :)

Not sure what I'm doing here.. apparently making Susan laugh really hard! Look how freaking long my hair was... It's crazy to see it on the stage at graduation. Wearing a BCBG dress here.

Some fun friends who came to celebrate with us!!! It was the most perfect party I could ask for!!! Our parents rented out the patio of a bar called "The Library" for us. It is right on what we call "The Strip." We had good food and drinks, great music and so many great friends to share the night and memories with!! LOVED IT!

The graduation ladies with our families!! I'm still so thankful for that day, that weekend!
I just got so excited when I found these pictures on Abby's facebook page. I had to share them with blog world. I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday afternoon. Thanks so much for reading!!
Stevi :)


Anna Katrina said...

looks like you had so much fun. a lot of my friends graduated this year and it was amazing to see

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Anna Katrina

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Gypsy Glamorous said...

memories xxoxo