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Monday, May 3, 2010

Wedding in Fairhope

This past weekend my family was invited to the wedding of a longtime family friend, Scott Shamburger. He grew up in the same neighborhood as us and we've known their family for as long as I can remember. The wedding was held in Point Clear, AL at the St. Frances Independent Episcopal Church w/ a reception that followed at The Grand hotel and resort. It was magical! We had an entire weekend full of fun, food, laughs and fellowship w/ some really special friends. They had a live band reminscent of one you would find playing in any bar of New Orleans. The food spread was amazing and decorations were beautiful. I'm so glad that I was invited to be a part of such a beautiful and special wedding. Thank you to the Shamburgers! We love you guys so much!
On our first night down for the wedding my parents (pictured below) and I met some friends for dinner and drinks at "Big Daddy's." We enjoyed fried shrimp, cold beer and great company! Above is a picture of Liz, Jay (groom's sis) and myself.

Hap and Candy at Big Daddy's.

That night after dinner, Jay, Liz and I went to Jay's apartment in Gulf Shores to stay the night. It is so adorable!!! We played apples to apples while drinking beer and eating homemade guacemole. It was perfect!! We got up early the next day to run a few errands before heading to "The Grand Hotel" to lay by the pool. This is where the wedding party, family and many friends stayed over the weekend. It was a beautiful resort!
Liz and I on the way to The Grand.

Papa Bear a.k.a. Hap walking sweet Allee girl. I opted to stay w/ my parents on their motorhome on Friday and Saturday. They can't go anywhere w/o their two adorable dogs, Allee and Gabby. So, we stayed about 15 minutes outside of Fairhope in Daphne, AL at a state park. It was a really beautiful place right on the bay. The sunset was epic each night!

Dad and I sitting outside of IHOP on Saturday morning.. this picture is a little out of place. I was looking a little rough after a long night of fun and drinks! :)
Hap and Big C at Tamara's Steamers w/ Jess and I for dinner before going over to The Grand. They had a really cool piano bar called Bucky's. We all met there for drinks and fellowship. I had my first mudslide and let me tell you.... I fell in love w/ that drink!
Mom and I hanging out on the patio at The Grand

Jess and I being silly... This is my best friend for as long as I remember... We both still know our secret hand shake from when we were kids! I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adorable picture of the bride and groom w/ Jay. Krissy is on the left and Scott on the right.
They've been together for 8 years and such an adorable couple!

Jay, Jess and I having a wonderful time reminscing and hanging out on Friday night!!

Being silly after a few drinks!!! Except for Jess who had shirley temples all night:)

We grew up having Scott drive us around and following him around b/c we thought the boys were so cool.. Jess has an older brother too named Jeremy. We always annoyed them as kids but they loved us anyway! Scott was SO excited to see Jess!! She came down for the Friday night get together and for the wedding! She lives in Pensacola.. so, technically she came up!

Mom and Dad and I at the reception. The reception was held in the Magnolia ballroom of the hotel. It was so great!! Amazing food and band!! The band played "When the saints go marching in" while the wedding party and bride and groom were introduced at the reception. It was really cool!

I stole the bouquet from Jay for a quick picture! :) I loved that the groom's sister caught the bouquet! Cool, huh?

Outfit pic for Jess and I!! I was wearing a dress by Anna Sui and shoes by Herve Leger

With my sweet girls~ Jay and Jess! They are the best!

All the ladies waiting to catch the bouquet.. I was determined to get that bouquet in Jay's hands and she got it!! She's standing behind Robin there in the floral dress

The sweet bride, Krissy, getting down on the dance floor.. I loved it!! She wore one of the most beautiful gowns I have ever seen!!! The lace detail was insane and that plunging back was killer too!

Scott's groom's cake. He's a bit of a golf enthusiast :)

Krissy's beautiful wedding cake.. It was made of several different layers including red velvet, cheesecake and rasberry! I had the red velvet which was amazing!

The groom, Scott, with his lovely sister Jay!
And to finish off the wedding post, a picture of the lovely bride and groom.
Congratulations Krissy and Scott!!! You guys are a perfect match!


Laura said...

I just might dognap that Giant Ball of fluff/love!

The Jazzy Belle said...

i know!! She's the best! She cuddled with me both nights on the RV! It was hot but worth it! :)

Gypsy Glamorous said...

I wonder the same thing about Toms! Have fun this weekend. I was gonna go too! But obviously I am not :( The grooms cake is fun and the different layers on the pretty cake are fun too! What a sweet surprise!

Jay said...

Steves! I am so glad you and your family came to celebrate such an amazing weekend with us. I had an awesome time thanks to you and other family friends. Love you! xoxo