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Thursday, May 6, 2010


"Used to ride the highway, I used to know where I was going..."
Widespread Panic
Going to see the boys this weekend in Orange Beach, AL. I'm a lucky girl getting to go to the beach two weeks in a row. Above a picture of the band. Below a picture of our crew from the New Year's Eve Eve show in Atlanta, GA. We had a fun crew there and I'm sure I'll have a fun crew this weekend! I'm ready for good tunes, cold beer, sunshine and great friends!!! I'm crossing my fingers for a "Stop-Go" "Aunt Avis" "Pilgrims" and/or a "Gradle" (those last two always make me smile)

I hope everyone has an excellent weekend. I'm sure I'll be SATISFIED....


Brian said...

hey stevi i love you!!!

The Jazzy Belle said...

I love you too my sweet friend!