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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wizard in the corner...

"Jack was really a jester, held his one good eye on the queen..."
Widespread Panic

So... I've had this skirt for a while. Got it at a consignment shop here in town and just haven't found the right thing to wear it with until yesterday. I went by Charlotte Russe in hopes of finding some cheap, satin shoes to get me through a wedding. Instead, I found two cool new rings and this shirt that was marked down to $2.99

This skirt was made by Michael Kors. It still had the price tag on it from Gus Mayer which showed a price of $435!! It blew my mind... I kinda thought Gus Mayer was ripping people off! It's a cotton, batik print mini skirt!!??? How can it be over $400!!! I got it for $20! I'm so pleased w/ the fact that somebody didn't want their shiny, new, expensive, MK mini skirt because I QUITE like it and am QUITE content wearing it this summer :)

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday afternoon. I've had a great day aside from the fact that I had to walk up a hill to get in the office all day in my 4 inch heels. We are having our office building repainted... I've watched these guys too. They've been here for two weeks painting... They work for about 3 hours a day then goof off on their crane thing for the other 5. Must be a pretty good gig.....
Next, so... for this Friday night I have put together a little bachelor extravaganza for my cousin... Destry. Yes, bachelor not bachelorette. I am the "Best Maid" as I call it in his wedding next weekend (hence the need for black satin shoes, I get to wear a black satin dress). So, as the best man it is my duty to throw a bachelor party or something for the groom. I've called several of his closest friends and we are all meeting at 7pm. I've kept the plans kind of loose.... Dinner and then WHATEVER Destry wants to do.. I'm going to be cool and open for anything. So, I'll let you guys know how that goes next week :) Should be interesting and fun!
I also may be getting the cadi back from the shop this weekend. I'm going to miss my rental!
Anyway, thanks for reading!! I hope everyone has a peaceful evening!

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Gypsy Glamorous said...

You are going to look to beautiful in your black satin dress! Love you