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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weekend Flashback

A few randoms from the weekend....

Destry and I while we were out celebrating his last few days of "freedom" before married life.
Elise and I doing an outfit pic... I got info on her outfit as well...
Elise: shirt- H&M garden collection; shorts- UO; shoes- Banana Republic
Me: cardi- Banana Republic; shirt- Charlotte Russe; skirt- America Apparell; shoes- Target; jewelry- vintage and handmade

Our Friday night bachelor 'outting' crew out on the patio at Buffalo Wild Wings
Destry, Brian, Brad, Myles, me and Elise

Saturday I went to the wedding of a lifelong friend, Valerie. Here I'm w/ Ashley another friend I grew up with. She was a bridesmaid.

The lovely bride

The Newlyweds

Hanging at the reception w/ Ashley, Laura and Elise

My brother and I posed for a few pictures outside of the reception that took place in a renovated barn. It was really pretty. He performed the ceremony for Valerie and Romero and looked so sharp doing it in his newest suit!

Here I wore: shirt- Plenty by Tracy Reese; skirt- Silence and Noise @ UO; earrings-Express
Jere wore: suit- H&M; tie- UO; shirt- Banana Republic

Well, there's a little look into last weekend. Everything this month seems to be centered around weddings. This weekend will end my streak of weddings for a bit. But, it will also end the month of May :) On Sunday, I plan to be laying on a float in the lake w/ a cold drink of some sort.

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! Thanks for reading!


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