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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

sweet you rock and sweet you roll

"And if I've gone overboard then I'm begging you to forgive me oh in my haste..."
Dave Matthews Band
Outfit: reversible black dress; UO wayfairer sunnies; Herve Leger espadrilles; vintage celtic ring; Lucky brand snake ring; DIY charm necklace w/ horse head, pinwheel and larimar pendant
Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today was pretty crazy for me!! I had to re-evaluate my health insurance plan at work, which was no fun! I don't like having to make those kinds of decision... I'd rather the company just do it for me. I also had to talk to Safeco about a million times in the last three days. I haven't said anything about this on the blog yet. But, I wrecked my Cadillac on Sunday :( It sucked! I wasn't hurt in the wreck but I did A LOT of damage to my car. I am driving a pimp Buick Enclave rent-a-car right now though. I've been jamming out soccor mom style all week. Freak accidents are scary and SUCH a hassle! So, between the two insurance nazis it's been a hectic day for me.

I did get to talk to my beautiful friend, Abby, who is home from Australia for the weekend. She is in a wedding in Kentucky and isn't actually getting to come see me. But, I still got to hear her voice which I haven't heard in a while.

I'm about to go eat some sushi and drink an ice cold beer. Sounds great, right? YEP!!!

Everyone have a great night... Thanks for reading!!



Jay said...

Steves! You rock and I am so sorry about your car. Their is an upside to everything though and it means you get to hang out with me another weekend. I was spoiled with the two weekends in a row to see your face. I love you and your blog. Keep rocking girl!

Gypsy Glamorous said...

Hey Ste, are they going to fix the Cadi? Why aren't you driving the Runner? Was Myles with you? I take it he is okay too.
I have missed your calls and Abby's calls and I think it is important I talk to her before Monday! Ahhhhh!!! We will have to video chat all together!
Where did you have Sushi?
What do you mean reversible black dress BTW