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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dorothy stole my friend and took her to OZ

My tourpal started following the yellow brick road and hasn't come home!!!!!!!
These are some pictures taken of Sheri in New Zealand, where she studied for a few weeks through the University of Alabama. Doesn't she look beautiful against that landscape?
Below she is wearing a cardigan that I thrifted a few months ago and she needed b/c it is winter down under. She styled it up perfectly w/ this Missoni inspired skirt, grey boots and a splash of blue with the scarf!

I love this rocker chic outfit she's got going in the pic below. I'm SO jealous of the shoe (boot) collection my tourpal has gotten on this trip! She's gotten at least 3 pairs of killer boots! The suede fringe Billabong boots she picked up are perfectly paired w/ a Radiohead tee and grey skinnies. Perfection, Love!!

I love the next one b/c one Alexander McQueen was a genius and will always be a fashion icon. Two, I bought this outfit for her for Christmas. It makes me smile that she is rocking the pieces together. If you know Sheri, you know she likes to mix and match (or not so much :))

The last one is so cute! Again, if you know Sheri, you know she's such a dork when it comes to reading. She'd rather sit in her pj's w/ a cup of coffee reading ALL day than go shopping or to an amusement park or something (making up examples as i go). So, when I saw this picture taken in New Zealand by a classmate, I had to save it. Another thing, if you know Sheri, you know she was constantly in black in the US b/c she worked at a salon. I find it quite amusing that she just can't get away from that :) Chic as always though!
I've really been missing my tourpal!!! I'm used to being able to pick up the phone and call her. Today has been especially hard b/c she tried to call me last night and I missed the calls :( So, I decided to dedicate a post to my soul sister! I knew when she left in May she wouldn't be back for a long time. That's just Sheri. She doesn't work on a schedule, doesn't wear watches, just goes with the flow. Right now, her flow has gone down under. She spent a few weeks back and forth between Australia and New Zealand. Now she's taken up residence and a work Visa in Australia and will possibly be there for a while. I miss her like crazy. But, I'm sooooo glad my bestie is having an amazing experience!! She's hanging out and living it up w/ our friend, Abby. A perfect person to be with. I hope to go see them both VERY SOON!!!
Sheri- while you're there, if you see any more trinkets or goodies that scream STEEEEVIIII, don't hesitate to buy them.. or just make Abby do it ;)
I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far! Thanks for reading!!


Gypsy Glamorous said...

Awww Ste!! I love you tooooo!!!! Can I just tell you that I am by myself at Jon's house balling my eyes out right now and I feel so foolish and silly! You are the sweetest thing and I love you so much and I will call you over and over until we reach each other!!! Next time I send a package I will mail the necklace I bought you, although I will miss wearing it ;)

Behind The Seams said...

DIYs are fun! Pretty boots by the way =)

Big C said...

You look amazing Sheri, traveling agrees with you!!!