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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fortunate Son

"Some folks are born to wave the flag, Oh they're red, white and blue..." CCR
This is a bittersweet week for me. My brother is moving away on Saturday. He's moving to Philadelphia, PA. I am very excited for him and this new adventure. But, I must say I'm pretty freakin' sad I'm not going to be able to see my best bro ever all the time. We've gotten close over the past few years.
So, what will Jere be doing in Philly?? Going to school. Grad school that is for a Masters in Divinity and Social Work. He'll be there for 4 years. I plan to visit all the time and take advantage of his life in this historical city.

On a sweeter note (for me), I've been talking lately about some projects I'm working on. I'm still not ready to reveal EVERYTHING I've got going. But, I will share one thing. As you can see above and below, I have what I like to call a "gypsy feather clip" in my hair. This is just one of many handmade accessories I have been making.
My friend Jay, who you've seen on this blog before, and I have some big plans. We are both busy little bees these days and will reveal our work to you very soon. So, please stay tuned. For now, I'm loving the feather clips and plan to wear one often. :) If you are also interested in these and other fun "gypsy" like jewelry and accessories, stay tuned!!! There are lots more fun things coming in the near future.

So, today I've revealed two big things happening in my life... I will be spending the next two days helping Jere pack up his life for the move. He leaves on Saturday morning and his best friend, DJ, is making the 15 hour drive w/ him. I'm hoping he starts a blog of his own to share his adventures and misadventures in Philly. If and when he does this, I'll let you guys know. You'll definitely want to check it out :)

That's it for this Wednesday night. It's a crazy and emotional week for me. So, send good energy my way friends. Thank you so much for reading and sharing this blog w/ me.
I hope everyone is having a lovely week!!!!


Big C said...

I love your blog tonight. I hope you get many opportunities to visit Jere in Philly. You two would have such fun. BTW, I love the feather clip, it looks great in your hair. You and Jay are going to be very successful if you stay the course. Love the pics today, too.

What is Reality Anyway? said...

gorgeous, and thank you!! xxx

DaisyLine said...

Love every single thing about this look <3
hope to see u in my blog :)
DaisyLine from