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Monday, August 16, 2010

That's The Way

"I don't know how I'm gonna tell you, I can't play with you no more...."
Led Zeppelin
So glad that I was able to post some more outfit pics this week. Although, I've got a fun party for my brother to go to on Saturday and I'm planning to take some streetstyle pics that night too. A lot of my brother's hipster friends have fabulous personal style, including him! You'll be in for a treat.
I got this shirt a couple of weeks ago and have been living in it since.. The cut and flow of it are so pretty. I'm usually not a big animal print fan, but the colors just caught my eye and haven't let go. It is a piece by Rachel Roy for the Rachel collection. I wore it here w/ BDG skinnies, platforms and my Ray ban sunnies.

My brother took these pics outside of Tutti Fruitti, a yogurt place that just opened up down the street from our office. I love it! The espresso yogurt is so good! I'm going to miss afternoon yogurt runs w/ Jere when he leaves. I'm still not quite ready to talk about it w/ you guys though. We'll get to it later.... He's going on his next big adventure.. enough said for now.
Anyway, I hope you guys are having a wonderful day! Mine has been pretty good I'd say. I'm ready for my 3 day weekend though. I'm hoping to finish up a DIY I started last weekend. Jere and I did try and get some pictures of one of my projects, a really cool shirt I altered and made AWESOME, but the lighting was horrible. We got tired of trying so I'll show it to you guys later. It's too cute to have a crappy photo. Other than that I'll be partying on Saturday night and relaxing a bit too (I hope).
I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week. Thanks for reading!

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Big C said...

This outfit looks great on you. I absolutely love the shirt!!!