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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I know I'm not doing my normal thing this week with pictures of myself, friends and family. But, Memorial Day got me off track a bit. I got some great pictures from the wedding. But, I keep forgetting to charge my camera so that I can move them to the computer. So, today I'm showing you guys another awesome website that I've come across...
Outsapop Trashion is a fashion blog dedicated to revamping old things or making new things. She gives amazing ideas each day for new fashionable DIY projects. It's so cool!!!

Above is just one of so many examples. She took an tee/tunic and used buttons to make the lips. You could do this with so many things.. Buttons for lips, flowers, rainbows, music notes.. you name it! You can also switch the buttons up and use felt or jewels or anything really. Outsapop is a site that gives you ideas AND shows you how to make a lot of things. So, next time you are feeling crafty or creative check out her blog. I'm sure you will find something fun to make!

I promise I will put the pictures from the wedding up in the next few days. It was a fantastic time. It rained around 4:30pm and the wedding was at 6pm. But, at 6 the skies were clear and the backdrop was beautiful for the wedding.. a lake and sunset.. can't beat it!

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone has had a lovely day!


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Gypsy Glamorous said...

Hey I like that. It is neat. I miss you very much! I wish you would bring your fashion to AUSTRALIA! You could have a fashion house and be a stylist and a millionaire so fast.

I have to do some blog thing for school, I leave in one week to go to New Zealand. I will send you this link, k? Cool.