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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

lemons to lemonade

"It's a free ride when you've already paid.."
~ you know who she is :)

Outfit: pants- Anthropologie; top tank- Free People; white tank- AE; espadrilles- Herve Leger; rings- vintage and flea market finds

So.. It's Wednesday. The day started out well. I drank coffee, jammed out to some tunes, talked to my cuz on the way to work.... Then I got to work and things were still OK but started getting a little rocky. First, I found out that a family friend of ours, who is like a grandfather to me, had fallen and hurt himself last night.. He is now ok though. Then I got a call saying my car is FINALLY ready to be picked up. It's been at a shop in Pensacola, FL for a month. But, they told me I'd have to pay my deductable and buy two new tires that I didn't know they were putting on when I got there. I had a few words w/ my insurance claims agent and I now only have to pay half for the tires. So, that's good I guess. Next, the rental car company told me my rental payments from the insurance company stopped yesterday... I guess a phone call was too much to ask.. Luckily the guy thought I was cute or something and said he'd get it taken care of. Again, good. So, nothing life changing or threatening but ANNOYING as hell! I did prove to myself today that I can get things done when I put my mind and smart mouth to it :)

Now I am about to go have a tasty dinner at Jubilee Joe's with my family. I'm ready for a cold beer and some crab claws... Yummy :)

I hope everyone is having a lovely day! I feel better now that I've vented all of the days mishaps out to you guys in blog world. Thanks for that!



Laura said...

Pretty pics for a bad day! Hope your week improves mucho!

Sahitya said...

Love ur top
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