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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebration Day

"My, my, my I'm so happy, I'm gonna join the band, We are gonna dance and sing in celebration, We are in the promised land."
Led Zeppelin of course
Outfit: cardi-Express (on sale yesterday), dress- no name & borrowed from a friend a while back, shoes- two lips, sunnies- UO, jewelry- vintage, ATL market and pendant from have you guys checked out that site yet??? I've told you to a bunch.. go do it!!!

Me and Mr. Hoot!
This fake owl was just chillin' in the tree near where we took my photos today. Jere was way too cool about it. I was like WTF is that owl doing there!!!?? Anways, I didn't mention this yesterday b/c I was doing a weekend post and well it just didn't fit w/ the content or.. whatever. But, I passed my test on Monday!!! Booyah!! I hadn't studied much for it but crammed on Sunday night and Monday morning (taking me back to my college daze.. i mean days). Those little session paid off and I passed. Raise for Steves! Oh yea! :)
AND... Big AND... I'm not sure if I've mentioned this but a million times but AMBER IS COMING TO TOWN TOMORROW!!!! I've been anxiously waiting for this weekend and next for months now. They are finally here! YAY!! I know like all fun weekends they will fly by but at least I have two. I'm so excited to see her pretty face and go to the beach to watch her get married. It's agonna be AWESOME! They fly in tomorrow night and I am hosting a party for them on Friday! So fun! I'll take good pics this time!! I'm getting better w/ the Nikon!
Well, I guess that's enough gushing and rambling for now. I hope everyone is having a lovely week! I am I tell you. Much less stressful than last week. Oh, and those who of you who know about the cadi's second breakdown in two months.. She's good now! We got her fixed yesterday. Sigh!
Thanks for reading lovelies!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Weekend Wackness

"Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul..."
Above is a picture of Tamra and me before we got on the boat.. Hair is intact :)
A picture of the lake from the pier.. We had just gotten back from a cruise on the boat. I'm always too nervous to bring my nice camera on the boat w/ me. I'm prone to disasterous falls.
We had to cut the cruise a little short b/c it started lightening.. Yuck!
Myles and me after the boat ride.. You can tell by my hair

You can definitely tell here.. My hair is crazy, cheeks are red and we have drunk faces! I love it! The guys went to get food to cook. So, Tamra and I got into the board games. I beat her ass at connect four. Then we made up our own version of pictionary. We were quite buzzed by the time they got back w/ the food.

Sweet Tbird setting up the beer pong table. She and I were on a team the first two rounds. We then decided we needed to mix it up w/ the boys b/c we were getting more drunk each minute that passed! Mac and I dominated!!!!!!!! What what!
This picture is a little out of order. I actually wore this Saturday night after the wedding pictured below. But, I didn't feel like deleting and moving things around. Mom and I went to see Sex & the City 2 on Saturday night. It was fun to go w/ her. There were a couple of moments I thought she might tinkle in her pants. She made it through though! :)
Outfit: Anthro silk strapless top, UO scalloped hem shorts, O'neill flops, UO floral clutch, rose quartz necklace gifted from my friend Elicia. Thanks love!

These are two of my friends that I've known my whole life. You've seen Jess(right side) on the blog before. Brynn (left) is a newby. I got them to take some outfit shots with me! It was fun. My whole outfit, shockingly maybe, was gifted from my grandmother. Well, the shirt and fiesta skirt were. She gave them to me for my birthday a few years ago. I wore them w/ my Herve Leger platform espadrilles and Simply Vera, Vera Wang belt. Jess wore a vintage dress w/ CR heels and a 50's doowop doo! Brynn wore an adorable sundress and flops.
Thank you both for posing w/ me and Megan for taking the pics!
Here we are all together w/ the lovely bride. Darby looked beautiful on her wedding day. She was smiling from ear to ear the entire time!! Megan and Brynn were both bridesmaids.
L to R: Jess, Megan, Darby, Brynn, Me

Here we are in color :)
So, that is my weekend. It was very fun. On Sunday afternoon, mom and I went to one of my favorite junk stores called J & J Junk Sale. We got TONS of fabric, cute bowls and each got a vintage coat. Mine is an awesome trench coat w/ a removable liner. I lucked up. It was $10 and Big C paid! We then stopped for icecream. Good times!
I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend too! I'm planning to have another fun one this weekend in celebration of the 4th. And....... Amber is coming... YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Do I seem excited?
Thank you for reading! I hope everyone has a lovely week!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

she sings a song that reminds her of the good times

"I get knocked down but I get up again. You're never gonna bring me down...."
Oh yea.. A little Chumbawumba for ya.... to take you back to the old days!

Today has been absolutely INSANE!!! I'm helping plan an event for work tomorrow and was overloaded w/ questions and tasks to get that ready. Then, I'm taking a test on Monday at work which I'm a little nervous about and haven't had much time to study for. As I said yesterday, Amber's wedding is in two weeks and the party for her is next Friday. So, trying to plan that has been a bit of a bitch. But, luckily everything has worked out well as the day winds down. We got things ready for tomorrow, I found a little time to study today and my AMAZING brother Jere designed the most perfect invitations for the party. I couldn't have asked for anything better from him. So, as insane as I have felt today, everything is coming together and it looks like I'm gonna be just fine. When I type these things they seem so trivial.... But, today, this head of mine felt like it might float off my shoulders at any time. I know there are lots of crazy bad things going on in the world.. Things like the oil spill in the Gulf which is really close to me. It scares me everyday! Those people are really struggling... They are probably wishing they could float away. But, they can't. So, I'm reminding myself right now, that things aren't as bad as they seem and they could be a lot worse. You just have to take things one task and one day at a time. Nobody can do it all and nobody is perfect. I hope that is a good reminder for you too.. Whoever you are reading this out there in blog world.
I hope you have had a lovely and peaceful Wednesday! I do hope my Thursday is a little more calm than today. But, I'm sure everything will be just fine again if it isn't. :)
Thanks for reading!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunny silky daze

Lovely but HOT day in Alabama
Outfit: shirt & harem pants from Anthropologie; shoes from Target; sunnies from UO; watch from ATL market; necklace is vintage
It's almost not fair that I get to wear this outfit to work.. Both pieces are made of the flowiest and silkiest of materials... the pants are actually silk :) SOOO COMFY!!!

Jere looked really cool today. So, I made him pose for me. He is wearing some awesome new TOMS he got as a gift for being a groomsmen last week. What an excellent idea, right?
Speaking of weddings, it's back to wedding frenzies for me... I'm going to and cutting the cake for a childhood friend this Saturday. Then I start the duties for Amber's wedding. Amber is one of my very best friends and I am so excited to be in her wedding!!! I am the maid of honor and am so honored and happy about it! I really can't wait to see her. She arrives in Alabama next Thursday and we are having a party for her on Friday! YAY!!! I will try to keep the blog updated w/ pics from both weddings and the parties and holidays in between.
Kind of a random post today... I know! But, I wanted to post something... So, I showed off my pajamasish work outfit today :)
Thank you so much for reading! I hope everyone is having a lovely day!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer seersucker

"Summer time when the livin's easy...."

Outfit: shorts- UO; hat- UO; shirt- TJMaxx; shoes- Chinese Laundry; necklace- gift from Jere, handmade in Brazil; smile- mine!

My posts have been sporatic again! It's been a busy week for me with work. I had so much fun over the weekend though.. I went and got my car from FL and stayed w/ my friend Jay that night. My friend Brian drove me down and he and I went out to Live Bait for drinks. Jay works there and she worked that night. I had a mudslide which is one of my faves!! Then I drove home on Saturday and spent the next two days on the lake. It was AMAZING!! We rode around the lake all day on the boat listening to music, drinking cold beers, swimming, relaxing and hanging out together. I rode the tube on Sunday and my arms were sore for two days after that. It was a good workout though.
Today was a "hat" day at work and this is the one I chose to wear. I love fedoras and this one is perfect for summer. These shorts are too. They are so comfy and adorable to wear with some platforms and the hat. I used my Nikon D3000 for pics today too. I've got to start using it everyday. It takes such better pics than my cybershot.. sorry Sony! They are way easier to upload too. So, note to self: USE THE DAMN NIKON!!
Well, I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday! I hope to post again tomorrow. Thank you for reading!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

freaks and flowers

"Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy, sunshine almost always makes me high..."

Check out my pendants in this picture.. The longer one was handmade for me by John at You should check him out!
I love my baby bro and his very funky personal style. Makes me smile :)
I went with Jere to pick up a tux this afternoon for a wedding he is in this weekend. We passed this beautiful garden store. There were SO MANY flowers and plants. We just had to have a quick photo shoot. This adorable old lady came by and offered to do a shot of us together too. It was great!
I'm headed to the beach in the morning to pick up the cadillac!! Woo Hoo! Fingers are crossed that nothing will be wrong w/ it anymore when I get to it. I get to see two of my favorite ladies while I'm there too, Jess and Jay. Hopefully I'll get some good pics of all of us together again. They were the two girls I was with at the Fairhope beach wedding a few weeks back. I did a post about it. Anyways....
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I'm ready for some more fun in the sun!
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

lemons to lemonade

"It's a free ride when you've already paid.."
~ you know who she is :)

Outfit: pants- Anthropologie; top tank- Free People; white tank- AE; espadrilles- Herve Leger; rings- vintage and flea market finds

So.. It's Wednesday. The day started out well. I drank coffee, jammed out to some tunes, talked to my cuz on the way to work.... Then I got to work and things were still OK but started getting a little rocky. First, I found out that a family friend of ours, who is like a grandfather to me, had fallen and hurt himself last night.. He is now ok though. Then I got a call saying my car is FINALLY ready to be picked up. It's been at a shop in Pensacola, FL for a month. But, they told me I'd have to pay my deductable and buy two new tires that I didn't know they were putting on when I got there. I had a few words w/ my insurance claims agent and I now only have to pay half for the tires. So, that's good I guess. Next, the rental car company told me my rental payments from the insurance company stopped yesterday... I guess a phone call was too much to ask.. Luckily the guy thought I was cute or something and said he'd get it taken care of. Again, good. So, nothing life changing or threatening but ANNOYING as hell! I did prove to myself today that I can get things done when I put my mind and smart mouth to it :)

Now I am about to go have a tasty dinner at Jubilee Joe's with my family. I'm ready for a cold beer and some crab claws... Yummy :)

I hope everyone is having a lovely day! I feel better now that I've vented all of the days mishaps out to you guys in blog world. Thanks for that!


Destry and Naomi got married

Finally a few pictures from Destry and Naomi's wedding. Hap, my dad, was in charge of the camera over this two day stretch. He was really busy so there aren't many great pictures. But, he was able to capture a few really cute ones. They also hired a great photographer, Karen Epperson, to document the beautiful day. So, here are a few from my cybershot. As I get more from family and friends I will post them. This goes from rehearsal to wedding. :)

Jere, who you've seen on here several times, "married" the couple. He was licensed as a minister right after graduating high school. I love the fact that when I get married one day my little brother will perform my ceremony.. How sweet is that? The three of us walked up together. It was very special to me!
Best Maid and Groom rehearsing together ;)

This little boy was named Harley. He is the sweetest child!!! He was so well mannered the entire weekend until the ceremony. Then he wanted to play w/ bugs. But, he was so cute, nobody cared! :)

Here I am w/ Naomi, the bride. The table behind us was the main food table. The reception hall looked out over the lake. It was beautiful and the food was delicious!
I wore my new Rachel Roy dress w/ a thrifted belt and Chinese Laundry shoes

Jere and I after the wedding. I wore a dress from White House, Black Market. Jere wore pants and vest by Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein tie and shirt from Banana Republic.

These are all of our cousins between two sisters. There are four sisters in all but they didn't all get to come. L to R: Derick, Heath, Destry, Naomi, Me and Jere

I love this picture w/ all the black and white :)

Family shot... this one included the wives, Heather and Shanna, and cousin Corey
We all had a great time together. The couple married and flew to the Mayan Riviera, Mexico on Sunday morning. They are back now and living happily ever after. I'm so proud of Destry. He'll be a great husband.
I'm sorry my posts have been sporatic lately. I will try and get back to my usual outfit posts asap. Until then, thank you very much for reading.
I hope everyone is having a lovely week!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I know I'm not doing my normal thing this week with pictures of myself, friends and family. But, Memorial Day got me off track a bit. I got some great pictures from the wedding. But, I keep forgetting to charge my camera so that I can move them to the computer. So, today I'm showing you guys another awesome website that I've come across...
Outsapop Trashion is a fashion blog dedicated to revamping old things or making new things. She gives amazing ideas each day for new fashionable DIY projects. It's so cool!!!

Above is just one of so many examples. She took an tee/tunic and used buttons to make the lips. You could do this with so many things.. Buttons for lips, flowers, rainbows, music notes.. you name it! You can also switch the buttons up and use felt or jewels or anything really. Outsapop is a site that gives you ideas AND shows you how to make a lot of things. So, next time you are feeling crafty or creative check out her blog. I'm sure you will find something fun to make!

I promise I will put the pictures from the wedding up in the next few days. It was a fantastic time. It rained around 4:30pm and the wedding was at 6pm. But, at 6 the skies were clear and the backdrop was beautiful for the wedding.. a lake and sunset.. can't beat it!

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone has had a lovely day!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chains of Love

I found this website and store today and fell in love!!! The store is called The Chains of Love
All of the jewelry is handmade and most are one of a kind! She makes all kinds of body armor and jewelry!! I can't decide which I want. But, I know I have to get something soon. She also does custom orders. So, check out the store and blog when you have time!
I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend! Thanks for reading!