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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bombs and Butterflies

"Tuesday's gone with the wind..."

Mystree black cardigan, Butterfly dress from Soca Boutique, The Limited black tights, Black pumps- Charlotte Russe, DIY sunflower ink pen (thanks Sheri!), UO sunglasses

The Beautiful April in her pretty little Rodarte top :)

Hope everyone is having a fat Tuesday :) ha.. my pre-ode to Mardi Gras! Always a fun time... Today I really wanted to wear this dress. I got it in September. I saw it in the store and immediately fell in love.. First, I LOVE butterflies! Second, I love whimsical clothing.. this was shear and the palest of pinks w/ a ribbon tie! ADORABLE! So, this morning as I was going through my closet which is so messy (I can't keep a clean closet), I saw it and just needed to bust it out... no need to wait until spring or summer. That's the beauty of fashion! Just throw on black tights, chunky shoes and a cardigan or blazer and you're set... you can wear white, pink, whatever! You just have to accessorize well!
I also posted a picture of my beautiful friend, April. We work together and share mutual love for many things. Fashion being one of them.. I'm always so excited to see what rad little outfit she has on in the morning! Today was no different... so, I took a lil' pic to share w/ you guys. April and I share love for many things other than fashion.. I was really excited when the universe brought us together last year.. Our shared love for other people and the betterment of this world is what I love most... She and I both want to work to better life for women of cultures here and around the world who are abused and neglected.. One day at a time pretty lady... We'll make a change... one day at a time! Thank you April for letting me post your pretty face today! You are amazing!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Thank you for coming back!! I leave you today w/ a beautiful passage I came across.. Enjoy!

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair." -Kahlil Gibran

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Dylana said...

Chic looks!