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Monday, January 25, 2010

Avatar, Conan and SAGS... media mania

"I'm married to my roots here, still I feel like I am free... " Widespread Panic lyric

Anthropologie top; UO cigarette pants; ALDO oxfords; DIY necklace; Mystree cardigan;

Anthropologie cardigan; UO trousers; Miley/Max feather shirt; Charlotte Russe pumps; UO sunglasses; vintage jewelry

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope everyone had a nice weekend.. I did. My boyfriend and I celebrated our 2 yr mark on Thursday. So, Friday we decided that we'd do one thing he really wanted to do and one thing I really wanted to do. He chose 9 holes of golf.. Easy enough! I just rode along and read my new ELLE magazine. :) I chose to watch Avatar in 3D. He was hesitant about the 3D b/c it makes him sick... but, a deal's a deal! Avatar was unbelievably beautiful! I couldn't believe they filmed it for 3 years before ever watching any of the footage! CRAZY! I recommend everyone see it in 3D before it leaves the theaters!

Saturday night I watched the SAGs! It was fun. I love to see all of the dresses.. Of Coarse! I think my favorite was Kate Hudson's beautiful white longsleeve gown. She looked AMAZING!

I took some pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror :) on Thursday last week and never got to post them. I love the shirt I'm wearing in the self portraits. I got it an Anthropologie last year. Its so feminine and flowy! I always feel so pretty when I wear it. I paired it with all black and then nude oxfords. Comfy and chic day!

Today I wore my new trousers.. I've been looking for a good pair for months now it seems.. They are always either too haremish or too baggy at the bottom or not the right material.. I tried my luck again the other day at Urban and viola.. I found the perfect ones! I'm also trying to wear these patent pumps more often.. Let me tell you though.. It ain't easy! These things are hard to walk in.. I've almost mastered it though.

Well, I hope everyone continues to have a lovely evening and week! Please continue to remember and support our brothers and sisters suffering in Haiti!



Sparky said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the trousers!!!!!!!! Well, I love the whole outfit! I love the Miley Cyrus and Max Azria blouse! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

We totally should have taken picture of your outfit by our fig tree! It would have been fabulous. Next week?

Sparky said...

I wish I could post pictures as a comment.

Sparky said...

Check this out. (copy and paste the link) I don't know how else to do it :P

dotie said...

Totally agree..avatar has the most stunning images i've ever seen :)

eclectic du jour

The Jazzy Belle said...

this below is what i tried to write on your thoughts blog SHER.. but it's super weird and doesn't have POST though it does say LEAVE A COMMENT!!!! So, here's what I wrote...

I love it!! You are the best blog companion ever!!! That turquoise is so pretty on you! You need to wear that scarf all the time! That bookshelf sure is organized.. it must not be yours! ha!!! just kidding! i love you. you're beautiful!

Sparky said...

your a silly. LOVE you. Have you checked your email from