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Monday, January 18, 2010

Casual Monday

Monday Funday!!!

relaxing for a few in the sunshine this morning...

showing off the handmade pendant my sweet boyfriend Myles got for me last year. It has 3 rubies, one purple apatite, and a spersatine(sp?) garnet in it; all of the pieces done by this guy are one of a kind... He's a brilliant artist and jeweler!

the back of the cardigan I was wearing today... I love the whimsical style of the clothing made in this line by Scrapbook Originals... all of the fabrics are really soft and the designs are very girly and fun!!! I have another sweater that I will post soon by them...

these are the new t-straps! Love them.. I always wear really high shoes and these aren't high! They are super comfortable and they were only $24 after Christmas.. normally $65! SO COOL!

Happy Monday Everyone!! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. My week has started off pretty well I'd say. I got to see one of my very best friends (now living in LA, hard to see her) last night!!! Her name is Amber and she is awesome!!! Love you beautiful lady!! To add to a great start to my week.. I had maybe my favorite salad EVER today!! It was on a bed of lettuce (duh, right?) with grilled chicken cubes, tortellini, goat cheese and apple slices! YUMMY!!! I also got to eat w/ my precious mama, sweet baby bro Jere and his best friend, Grant! Said it before, I'll say it again.. I love food, fashion, friends and fellowship :)

I woke up a little late. So, I dressed pretty quickly... wanted to wear my new t-straps and needed to wear some brown to work those in.. It was an extremely casual day for me which included: high-waisted cotton skirt (American Apparel), cotton tank (UO), comfy cardigan (scrapbook originals), and a ponytail! :) Tights and a cashmere scarf were necessities for the still a bit brisk weather too. My flair included a DIY necklace and my handmade pendant my BF got me last year for Christmas.. Thank you Myles :)

Before I go for the day I want to talk about Wannee Festival!!!!!!! I found out about it this weekend and I'm so excited about this festival. It's about 4 hours from my home, mid-spring, reasonably priced, absolutely amazing bands... need I go on. It's going to be incredible! The Allman Brothers put it on every year but I must say... I think this is the best line-up to date. I always have a busy spring w/ different concerts and music festivals.. I'm so very excited to add this to my agenda. You guys should check it out too!

I hope everyone continues to have a fantastically fabulous week!!!



Clara said...

amazing blue look.

ahmi-ahmi said...

cute shoes! :)