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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Allee & Stevi photo shoot

Allee girl and me :)

decent picture of her size.. I'm telling you.. She's hard to capture well on camera!

Best of the bunch w/ Miss Allee girl.. that squinted eye is cute :)

Close up of my fun new tights... also, my new bandage skirt my mom bought for me at H&M in LA last week. Love you Mama!!!

So, last night my mom and I were bored together. So, I decided to try on some new digs for her to take pics of... she suggested we also accessorize the 130lb Saint Bernard, Allee.. Bama princess #2 in our fam! So, here they are for your enjoyment!! I love my new tights I got for Christmas. Mom picked them up for me at Steinmart one day.. They are Nicole Miller.. SO FUN w/ my purple boots and bandage skirt!! Allee doned my new purple & black scarf that will need to be cleaned ASAP!! She thought it was a chew toy! We had a hard time getting her to look at the camera.. But, she's a beauty to look at anyway :)

I hope everyone out there has a peaceful, blissfilled (i may have made that word combo up.. ha) weekend!! It's warming back up a bit in Bama. YAY!! I was getting tired of layers that pass the point of cute and go straight to frumpy :(

I leave you w/ a mantra my beautiful friend Whitney passed to me today...

"The beauty of life is to experienc yourself!"

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