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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cheers to Green Beers

"Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul."
~Grateful Dead

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!! Go have some green beer tonight! I am!! I'm meeting one of my wonderful girlfriends from college a little later. Really, I'll just be having beer in a green bottle... Yeungling.. my favorite! My brother and I have always said it would have been cool to been born w/ the last name O'Malley and have opened an Irish pub. We do have it in our blood. Actually, our real last name would probably work pretty well for a pub name. But, not really our style. I can't handle demanding drunk people!
I love the skirt I wore today. The coolest part is that my grandmother got it for me. I went through a pretty serious "hippie/bohemian" phase in college. My mother would say I'm permanently in that phase. My grandmother or as I call her, Mawmaw, bought it as a birthday gift a few years back. I really like it. All the different colors are so pretty! I've enjoyed rocking it today. So, thanks Mawmaw!! I love you!
I hope everyone is having a lovely day!! Thanks for reading!


Ian said...

you still are my little hippie girl..

now you just dress a lot better.

but hey, you cant change the music..

plus, i prefer the smell of perfume on you rather than patchuli

The Jazzy Belle said...

Ha! Thank you doll! I still bust out the patchouli every now and then :) and no.. the music will NEVER change.. It will always be playing in my heart and soul..

Big C said...

Love the style of the long flowing skirt today. There is just enough green to honor St. Patty's Day! The skirt style is great with those black wedge strap shoes. Great look! Very stylish and very you!!!

Partain said...

I LOVE IT STE!!!!! MY fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you too! Lets play soon. Im not moving to California, Im moving to Australia. Duh. Oh, but maybe I will be back in USA late July. ;) What?

Elaine said...

Cool skirt!

Enter to win a women's Orient watch!

The Queen of Hearts said...

That is certainly one fabulous skirt but I have to talk about the shoes. Those shoes are amazing! Are they a platform espadrille? I've always wanted the perfect pair of espadrilles and I missed out on my chance a few years back with these Castaner's. To this day, I still kick myself for not purchasing them. Next time I suppose.