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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Save the Ta Tas :)

It has been a REALLY messy day here in Bama. Raining cats and dogs! Yuck! I only like rain when I can be laying down, watching a movie w/ comfort food under a tin roof... okay, well, it doesn't have to be a tin roof.. But, I do need comfy clothes and good food to tolerate rain.

April has been smashing this week.. Everyday I've simply had to photograph her. Today's skirt is just absolutely adorable! Check out all the fun pictures on it.. Theres the Statue of Liberty, Empire State building, taxis, Upper East Side ladies walking their dogs, the Brooklyn Bridge, I mean jeez... This skirt is insane. She got it at a consignment shop too! I'm going to have to start going w/ her b/c she gets the COOLEST stuff!
She's adorable, huh?

I "borrowed" this shirt/cardi from my mom. I love that I can shop in her closet these days. It's so funny how things have transitioned w/ her style. When I was in high school I begged her to stop wearing mom jeans and pleated trousers and bright colored leather pumps.. Now... I'd KILL to have all those things back. The things I was SO embarrassed by back then are things I go looking in thrift stores for now. Crazy, huh? I think so. Big C is quite adorable these days. She's graduated to bootleg and even a pair of skinny leg jeans, cute tanks and dresses and fun blazers and cardigans. I actually shop in her closet quite often. So, Thanks Mom! :)

Mom's cardi; H&M skirt; Express tights; Charlotte Russe clogs; vintage necklace
On a bit of a more serious note, but no alarm please! Mom (Big C) is having surgery on Monday. Those of you who know our family know that she had a battle w/ breast cancer this past summer. She won!!! Oh yea!! Things are great.. Cancer is gone. But, boobies left too. :( She's had one breast enhancement surgery. But they need a little more work. My opinion is... she had to loose them so she should get some damn good ones in return!!! Don't you think?
So, Monday... send some good vibes our way! I will be at the hospital with her. This ain't our first rodeo. So, I'm sure all will go well. But, it always makes the wait and process easier when you know people are thinking about us and lifting her up.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend in case I don't post again before then. Thank you so much to all who read this. You are all beautiful!


Bleu Mignon said...

I'm so in love with your blog Jazzy Belle. You always make my day. I love these candid of us. On a more serious note, I admire you and your family's courage and I will keep you all in my prayers this Monday. ~Much love

The Jazzy Belle said...

Thank you very much for your kind words!! Its been a long road for our fam.. But, it's made us all stronger and brought us so much closer together... We are very blessed!! This blog has been a wonderful way for me to get my thoughts out and to share myself w/ others. I hope I continue to make your days as you have made mine today!!

Much love to you Bleu Mignon!! THank you!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love that cardigan! xoxo

Big C said...

Love the "Save the Ta-Tas" blog this week. Thanks for the sweet words. You have been such a source of strength for me during these past few months and I love you for being there for me when I need you most. You are an amazing daughter and I am so blessed. PLUS, you have the most wonderful style (wish I could say you got it from me, but I think it is all you!)

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