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Monday, March 8, 2010

Elise and Klayton, wedding bliss :)

Here I've posted some amazing pictures taken over the weekend by Laura Wildsmith. I featured two of her photos in my last wedding post. Like the last post, her name above is the link to her own photo blog. Laura has learned how to use her camera well and has become a very skilled photographer. We are all very grateful that she was able to capture some great moments of the wedding weekend w/ her creative eye. Laura does photo shoots around Alabama. If you are interested in having photos taken, you should definitely check her blog and give her a shout!! Thanks lady for these wonderful photos and memories!

Both the picture above and below are of our entire bridal party. From left to right above we have: Tamra, Jennifer, Jana plus one, Elise, ME, Laura, Celia, and Kristen.
This is our JUMP picture, which we also took in our bridesmaid dresses w/ the photographer on Saturday. It was really fun and he was also a great photographer!!

Here are Elise and I posing together outside. She had on a very pretty outfit. Both dress and shell are from Anthropologie w/ BCBG shoes. I wore a dress by GLAM that I bought at a local boutique, SOCA. Paired it w/ an Express cropped cardi, black tights and Sam Edelman pumps.

Here is a photo of me w/ mom and daughter. Mrs. Francise and I were close to matching w/ our bright dresses and black cardigans. I was so glad to share this afternoon with them. I've spent many nights around their dinner table w/ Elise and her mom and dad. :) As has she w/ mine.
Here are the lovely Jennifer and Kristen who accidentally color coordinated really well!! Jennifer looks AMAZING as usual. But a little tidbit on how amazing she is.. Her alarm went off at 10:50 and she was at the luncheon by 11:15!! Bravo lady! Bravo!!

Here are the three "high school friend" bridesmaid. The three of us, Tamra, myself and Jana, grew up and were best friends w/ Elise all through our grade school years. We had a bet that our marriage order would be (back in 9th grade): Tamra, Jana, Me then Elise. The order actually turned out Jana, Elise, then who knows.. Jana is expecting her second beautiful little boy by the way :)

Here are the three lovely Wildsmith Ladies!! Laura, maid of honor, Elise, the bride and Mrs. Francise, mother of the bride!

Beautiful picture Laura took of the flowers and place settings at lunch.

Here we are all together.. Man, we had some FUN times in high school.. We were trouble but we were oh so fun!! We still have those innocent smiles too :)

The Birmingham girls.. although Laura is both a Childersburg and Birmingham gal!
Having mimosas upon arrival waiting for everyone to get there and relax!
I love this picture of all of our gold shoes!

Right before the wedding! :)

Elise w/ Celia, Jennifer and Kristen
We're sending this photo in to aquafina, dasani, and fiji.. stay tuned for ad info! :)

All of the pretty ladies together w/ our beautiful bride right before the wedding. It was a magical day.. We got there 5 hours before the wedding and took our time enjoy fellowship, food, and friends! It was an incredible weekend that ended w/ my dear friend marrying the man she loves with all of her heart. I'm so proud of her.. of you, Elise!!!
Thank you for checking out my blog and our wedding weekend. Special thanks to Laura for allowing me to post her photos and taking them for us all to enjoy!
I hope everyone's week has started out well!! Mine has for sure. Lots of love to you all. Stay tuned through the week for more fun photos and stories :)


Partain said...

So pretty Ste! I love your yellow and black dress outfit! Everyone looked super cute and Elise is so pretty!

The Jazzy Belle said...

thank you love! She really was such a beautiful bride!! I got that dress at SOCA for $30 marked down from $90. I was pretty stoked about it. Though it is Lime, not yellow. You aren't the first to call it yellow.. i'll let it slide! ha! :)


Ra said...

ah this post makes me happy! one of my good friends from high school got married this past october---i may have to do a post about it!

ShearHappiness said...

It totally looked mustard colored the other day......... :P BTW I got a fab pair of Miley/Max jeggings last night for $5! What!

The Jazzy Belle said...

Word!! Mom got me a Miley/Max dress for $3 too!! so fab my dear!