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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Dreaming Tree

"Standing here the old man said to me long before these crowded streets here stood my dreaming tree..." The Dreaming Tree ~ Dave Matthews Band

What I wore: Cardigan- Anthropologie; tunic, tank and skinnies- Urban Outfitters; wedges- Target; Jewelry- handmade and vintage;

It was a beautiful day today.. The sun was shining and the sky was blue! It truly felt like spring time. I went to SOHO square w/ my friend Joel to take these pictures. He has really brushed up on his photography skills since I started this blog. :)

It's been a long but productive day for me at work today. As I've said before in a post, I am the leader of our company's green team. We have been working very hard for several months now to plan an Earth Day celebration. We met today as a team to finalize all of our plans. I'm so excited b/c we've got some great things lined up. Next, I have to get the approval of our boss. I've met w/ her once and she was really optimistic and supportive of everything.. However, she is not the final word. She has to run it by her boss.. THE BIG BOSS first. But, I have faith that he will approve and it will be an excellent Earth Day celebration.

It feels really good to work hard for a good cause and see it pay off. I'm so proud of our green team and the things we've accomplished in the short year we've been together. We've created a VERY successful recycling program in our office. That has sparked other companies in our building to create them. People around our office seem to geniuenly care more about keeping our planet healthy. It's an inspiring thing... Earth Day is one month from Monday. It's on April 22nd! What will you do to celebrate Earth Day? It doesn't have to be anything big... You can make a pledge to be more eco-friendly, plant a tree, make a run to your local recycling center, pick up the trash on your most travelled road.. The list goes on. So, take the time, even if it's not on Earth Day to pay Mother Earth back for all her hospitality! :)

I hope everyone finishes out the work or school week with ease! Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for taking time to read my blog!



Partain said...

Those pix are SO cool!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck on your Green Team stuff!!
I am at Winonah's this week doing renovations, the girls are out for SPRING BREAK. whoop whoop!




Kansas Couture said...

Love the bold colors in this outfit, and those wedge sandals are perfect!

The Queen of Hearts said...

Great photographs! You've just reminded me of how wonderful the color combination of purple and yellow can be -- I'm going to have to borrow that one sometime in the near future.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

loving the spring colors, great outfit ;) xoxo

Walk The Sand said...

Awesome wedges. You wear them well!